Does Mike Murdock’s 58 days seed covenant really work?

Mike Murdock If you’re not familiar with the 58 day seed covenant here’s how it works: Send Mike Murdock 58 dollars and tell him what you want. Got debt? Need healing? Looking for a husband? A Wife? Whatever it is, send Mike Murdock 58 dollars, tell him what you want from God, and within 58 days you’ll have it. One blogger put that claim to the test. [Read more...]

Blurring the Line

Denton televangelist Mike Murdock makes few distinctions between his resources and those of the ministry he founded. Some critics question whether his actions are proper. Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mar. 8, 2003 By Darren Barbee, Star-Telegram Staff Writer First of … [Read more…]

Profit in the pulpit

A Denton televangelist who says his mission is to rescue people from poverty is living lavishly, while the ministry he founded spends most of its money on overhead, an examination finds. Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mar. 2, 2003 By DARREN … [Read more…]