Cult leader Wayne Bent’s case goes to jury

Wayne Bent The fate of the leader of a Union County religious sect accused of sexually molesting two girls was put in the hands of a Taos County jury Friday morning.

Wayne Bent, the leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church and a self proclaimed Messiah, is charged with kissing and touching two sisters who lay naked with him.

If convicted of the two counts of sexual contact with minors, Bent could face up to 33 years in prison. [video]

Sect leader says he touched girls’ sternums

Wayne Bent The leader of an apocalyptic religious sect told a jury Thursday that he lay in bed with and touched the sternums – but the not the breasts – of naked 14- and 16-year-olds.

Bent, 67, a self-described Messiah and leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church, is faces two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. [video]

Teens testify in trial of cult leader Wayne Bent

cult leader Wayne Bent Two teens who prosecutors say were sexually fondled by the leader of a northern New Mexico cult testified Wednesday morning.

Wayne Bent, the leader of a Union County cult that calls itself The Lord Our Righteousness Church, is standing trial in Taos.

Bent, a self proclaimed Messiah, has said that the incidents were not sexual in nature but, rather, were religious. [video]

Parents testify in trial of cult leader Wayne Bent

Wayne Bent The parents of two teenage girls testified Tuesday they were already wary of cult leader Wayne Bent when they learned he had lain naked with their daughters.

The parents took the witness stand explaining how their opinion of Bent began to change when church members moved to Union County in northeastern New Mexico in 2000. That’s the same year Bent, also known to his followers as Michael Travesser, first claimed to be the messiah. [video]

Trial of cult leader Wayne Bent opens

Wayne Bent Wayne Bent, 67, lay in bed naked and “chest to chest, skin to skin” with a 14-year-old girl, Deputy District Attorney Tomas Benavidez told jurors. He had a similar encounter with her 16-year-old sister, the prosecutor said.

Bent, who calls himself Michael Travesser, was a minister for the Seventh-day Adventist Church but separated from that church 21 years ago and continued to preach. He claims God spoke to him in 2000 and told him he was the Messiah.

Cult leader Wayne Bent goes to trial

Wayne Bent The man who said that he only answers to god will soon be answering to a judge and a jury of his peers.

The trial of cult leader Wayne Bent is scheduled to begin Monday, on charges that he sexually abused some of his underage female followers.

Bent has predicted dire consequences for the world if he is put on trial. (Don’t worry, though. His prophecies — such as the world ending last Oct. 31 — are as fake as his claim that he is the Messiah). [video]

Cult members disappointed that Judgement Day failed to arrive

Lord Our Righteousness Church Members of the Lord Our Righteousness Church near Des Moines believed they would escape their earthly bondage and ascend to heaven Friday night. Their once-active Web site came down, and a church representative sent the Journal an e-mail saying he didn’t anticipate having anymore contact with the media.

But as a small crowd of people and a TV news crew looked on from the gate to the wind-swept compound, midnight came. And then midnight went.

‘Messiah’ back in jail; Followers awaiting deliverance by God from their “earthly life”

Cult leader Wayne Bent Cult leader Wayne Bent and his followers in The Lord Our Righteousness Church have been fasting to protest charges that Bent had illegal sexual contact with underage girls at his Strong City compound near Des Moines.

And his congregation believes they will ascend to heaven tonight, Jeff Bent, the church leader’s son, said Thursday. “We don’t anticipate any future beyond Oct. 31,” he said.

Apocalyptic cult leader Wayne Bent arrested

Wayne Bent The leader of an apocalyptic sect who is accused of sex crimes against underage female followers has been arrested for failing to appear in court.

Wayne Bent, who wants people to think he is Jesus, had promised to no longer cooperate with court proceedings.

According to him, his prosecution will lead to dire consequences for the world.

‘Messiah’ and His Followers Fast As His Trial Approaches

Wayne Bent Wayne Bent said it was 10 in the morning on a July day eight years ago when he was anointed by God as he sat in the same soft purple chair on which he relaxed during a recent interview.

“I was sitting there just looking out the window, not thinking of anything, not praying,” he said. “And suddenly Father came to me and called me Messiah.”

Cult leader to go on trial next month; predicts dire consequences for the world

Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser The case against cult leader Wayne Bent — who believes he is the second coming of Jesus, but who also is accused of sexual contact with some of his teenage followers — will go to trial next month.

In a statement posted on his web site Bent predicts his prosecution will bring about the end of the world, and blames Wall Street’s financial crisis on the investigation into his activities.

The statement provides ample evidence of Bent’s religious delusions.

Cult leader says his prosecution will bring about the end of the world

Wayne Bent Cult leader and self-proclaimed messiah Wayne Bent claims his “persecution” is bringing about the end of the world.

Bent, who also goes by the name Michael Travesser, is awaiting trial in Union County after he was accused of lying naked with underage nude girls.

Cult leader Wayne Bent remains free on bond

Cult leader Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser Cult leader Wayne Bent, who considers himself to be the ‘Messiah,’ last May was indicated on charges of sexually abusing several of his followers.

In April, four teenagers were removed from his compound. According to Bent himself, some of them had laid down naked with him as a witness to his alleged divinity. [video]

Teen from New Mexico sect released from state custody

A video posted on the Web site of The Lord Our Righteousness Church showed Bent eating lunch with Willow and her parents. The video showed the girl being embraced by Bent and other church members as she arrived at Strong City, as sect members call their community.

N.M. sect leader begins fast for child’s return

Wayne Bent Michael Travesser The leader of an apocalyptic sect accused of sex crimes against underage female followers said Friday he will not eat until state child welfare workers return a teenager who was removed from the sect’s compound.

New Mexico sect leader accused anew of sex abuse

Wayne Bent, who who thinks he is the Son of God, was indicted Tuesday in a new court on suspicion of sex crimes against two young female followers. [video]

Son: Arrest of Cult Dad Like Betrayal of Jesus

“Jesus was betrayed by a former disciple. He was arraigned on false charges, he was buried. He was crucified and buried. And the district attorney has his own purpose to bury my dad. He wants to make a name for himself by burying a cult leader so he can be elected,” Jeff Bent said.

New Mexico apocalyptic sect leader released on bond

The clerk of the magistrate court in Clayton said a $55,000 bond was posted for Wayne Bent by his son.

Bond lowered for N.M. sect leader accused of sex crimes

Bent, 66, is the leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church, whose members moved in 2000 to a remote former ranch near the Colorado line that they call Strong City. He has acknowledged having sex with followers and lying naked with virgins, but denies any children or adults were molested. He has said the virgins asked for sex and he refused.
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