Wesson niece tells court about molestation

Another niece of Marcus Wesson testified in Fresno County Superior Court that Wesson molested her as a young child and later had sex with her so she could have “babies for the Lord.” Brandi Sanchez, 26, also said she knew that once she heard gunfire coming from Wesson’s home, the children inside were dead. Wesson, […]

Suicide of one sibling possible

Wesson daughter could have shot herself, witness says. Marcus Wesson‘s daughter Sebhrenah could have committed suicide after her eight siblings were shot to death in March 2004, a forensic pathologist testified Monday in Fresno County Superior Court. Dr. Venu Gopal said he initially ruled all nine deaths as homicides because he based his conclusion on […]

Testimony of forensic pathologist stirs Wesson

Marcus Wesson’s nine children were fatally shot in one of their eyes at close range and were homicide victims, a forensic pathologist testified this morning in Fresno County Superior Court. Dr. Venu Gopal’s testimony runs contrary to the defense theory that Wesson’s daughter, Sebhrenah, shot the victims and then fatally shot herself. Marcus Wesson, 58, […]

Wesson jury hears forensic details

Jurors in the murder trial of Marcus Wesson learned this morning that one of the nine victims killed in his Fresno home in March 2004 was shot twice in the right eye. Robert Barbery, a police identification bureau technician, testified in Fresno County Superior Court that he photographed the two entry wounds on 17-year-old Elizabeth […]

Wessons called a happy family

Daughter testifies they had saved $105,000 in cash. A daughter of accused mass murderer Marcus Wesson testified Friday that her family was happy and wanted to sail around the world, but their travel plans ended when nine children were killed inside their Fresno home last year. Marcus Wesson’s lawyers elicited Kiani Wesson’s testimony to rebut […]

Wesson’s beliefs in line with church, daughter testifies

Accused mass murderer Marcus Wesson may have spoken about “dying for the Lord,” but his family’s religion preached the same thing, Wesson’s daughter told a Fresno jury this morning. Kiani Wesson, who has been on the witness stand in Fresno County Superior Court for five days, finally got a chance to explain her father’s teachings, […]

Murder suspect’s daughter refuses to incriminate father

Murder suspect’s daughter refuses to incriminate father in emotional testimony FRESNO, Calif. – The daughter of a murder suspect charged with killing nine of his children cried on the witness stand as she confirmed her incestuous relationship with her father but refused to give details that could incriminate the defendant. Pressed by the prosecution Tuesday, […]

Daughter tells of pact, but no plan

Kiani Wesson told a Fresno jury this morning that her father, accused mass murderer Marcus Wesson, spoke of a murder-suicide pact if authorities came to split up the family. Kiani Wesson, however, said her father’s preaching was just “a figure of speech.” Kiani Wesson told police after the killings that her father had spoken generally […]

Daughter testifies on family death pact

Gypsy Wesson, 21, tells jury that her father touched her through her clothes. Gypsy Wesson told a Fresno jury Tuesday that her father, Marcus Wesson, ordered his children to carry out a murder-suicide pact if authorities came to split up the family. Her testimony seemed eerily close to what allegedly happened inside the Wesson home […]

Wesson brings trial to a halt

Defendant accuses the prosecutor of being ‘disrespectful’ to court. Accused killer Marcus Wesson brought his trial to a short halt Thursday as he accused prosecutor Lisa Gamoian of disrespecting the court. “Objection, your honor,” Wesson said, telling Judge R.L. Putnam in Fresno County Superior Court that “my counsel’s silence” prompted him to speak up. Wesson […]

Wesson’s wife sobs, argues on stand

Prosecutor Lisa Gamoian on Monday accused Marcus Wesson‘s wife of letting him use the Bible to justify his sexual abuse of his daughters. Elizabeth Wesson denied the charge, telling jurors in Fresno County Superior Court: “How can I protect them [daughters] if they didn’t tell me? They never told me anything.” For the second day, […]

Niece says she still loves Wesson, would die for him

Rosa Solorio told a Fresno jury Thursday that she still loves accused mass murderer Marcus Wesson, considers herself one of his wives and is the mother of two of his children. She also said she was willing to die for him. Wesson, 58, is charged in Fresno County Superior Court with killing nine of his […]

Wesson Claimed to be Telepathic

Prosecutors in the Marcus Wesson trial are using Wesson’s own words to show his unusual behavior. Everything Marcus Wesson said to his family during jailhouse visits has been taped. Marcus Wesson Jr. told the jury he visited Wesson Sr. about 25 times since his father’s arrest. He testified how his father claimed during jailhouse visits […]

Girls didn’t date or have boyfriends, son testifies

Marcus Wesson Jr. says sisters, cousins said they got pregnant through artificial insemination. One of Marcus Wesson‘s sons will tell a Fresno County Superior Court jury today what he thinks of his father’s alleged incestuous relationships with his daughters and nieces. Marcus Wesson Jr., who began testifying Monday, said he thought it unusual when his […]

Earlier slaying plan detailed

Plot nearly carried out in 1999, Wesson niece testifies. Sofina Solorio nearly carried out Marcus Wesson‘s murder-suicide plan in 1999 after a white car repeatedly drove past the docked boat where they lived in Tomales Bay in Northern California, Solorio testified Thursday. Solorio, Wesson’s niece, and Sebhrenah Wesson, his daughter, gathered nine children and had […]

Niece describes abuse in house of man charged with nine murders

FRESNO, California (AP) — In graphic testimony that made some jurors recoil, the niece of a man charged with killing nine of his children described the sexual abuse she endured while living in his household. Sofina Solorio testified Tuesday that the abuse by Marcus Wesson escalated from touching to oral sex to intercourse. Wesson forced […]

Wesson niece recalls abuse, “marriage”

Sofina Solorio testified Tuesday in Fresno County Superior Court that she knew her child, Jonathan, was killed inside Marcus Wesson‘s home because she heard gunshots. Solorio said she had been talking to Wesson at the front door of his home on West Hammond Avenue near Roeding Park on March 12, 2004. But once Solorio’s attention […]

Mother of slain child testifies at Wesson’s trial

FRESNO — Sofina Solorio wanted to take her son out of Marcus Wesson‘s household because he was not keeping his word — he continued to have children with his own daughters, according to her testimony Monday at the man’s multiple murder trial. “We had agreed he wouldn’t do this anymore,” Sofina Solorio said. Before going […]

Trial in Slaying of Family Opens With a Twist

Murder-suicide pact enforced by defendant is suggested. But defense blames a daughter. FRESNO — In the days after the worst mass murder in this city’s history, police portrayed suspect Marcus Wesson as a cold-blooded killer who, one by one, shot his nine children to death rather than risk losing them to authorities. But as his […]
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