Fascist cult ‘may have killed Jewish student’

Jeremiah Duggan A new British inquest has been ordered into the death of a Jewish student in Germany after claims that he might have been killed by Lyndon LaRouche’s far-Right cult.

A coroner in Germany ruled that Jeremiah Duggan, 22, had committed suicide by running on to a road where he was hit by fast-moving cars in 2003.

A High Court judge in London yesterday said that evidence of “foul play” must be investigated after new details suggested the crash was faked and he might have been killed.

Jeremiah Duggan’s parents hope documentary will bring justice

Jeremiah Duggan Shortly before his death, Jeremiah made several phone calls to his family and girlfriend indicating that he believed his life was in danger but authorities in Germany claimed his death was not suspicious.

Police claimed it was suicide but his family have been pressing for a full investigation after collating evidence that they say shows the young Jew was beaten to death by members of alleged antiSemitic cult, LaRouche.

MP demands probe into death of Jeremiah Duggan

Jeremiah Duggan Prompted by the mysterious death of Jeremiah Duggan in 2003, Simon Hughes, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, will travel to Berlin this Friday to attend a forum at the House of Democracy and Human Rights entitled ‘Does the LaRouche Group Present a Danger to Society and a Danger to the Individual?’ [video]

Notes show my son was brainwashed, claims mother of Jeremiah Duggan

It is understood Jeremiah went to the conference believing it was just an anti-war rally and was unaware of Lyndon Larouche’s extremist conspiracy theories and ideas surrounding Aids, the holocaust and the British monarchy.

It was murder, say family of boy in cult suicide riddle

The family of British student Jeremiah Duggan, who died in mysterious circumstances after becoming involved with a cult, claim they have ‘overwhelming’ new evidence that he was murdered.

German Court Considers Investigation Into Student Death

Jeremiah Duggan was a young British student who met a mysterious death in Germany in 2003. Germany’s Constitutional Court is currently considering whether to order a new investigation into what happened.

SWC urges Germany to reopen inquiry into Jeremiah Duggan’s death

Jeremiah Duggan, 22, was recruited by the Larouche Movement while studying in Paris in 2003. He died in mysterious circumstances in the middle of the night of March 27, 2003 close to the organisation’s seminar.

Jeremiah Duggan : Cult riddle of student’s death

Forensic probe casts more doubt on the suicide verdict of young Briton in Germany Dramatic new evidence has cast doubt on the official account of the mysterious death of a British student who had become involved with a right-wing political cult in Germany. A detailed investigation by a former Scotland Yard forensic expert into the […]

Jeremiah Duggan’s death inspires song

Starsailor inspired by Jeremiahs story The story of Jeremiah Duggan, who was killed in mysterious circumstances on an German autobahn after attending a meeting of a far-right organisation, has been turned into a song by a Brit-pop band. The student’s family only found out about Starsailor’s tune, Jeremiah, after hearing singer-songwriter James Walsh speaking about […]

MEP demands full investigation

The mysterious death of a Jewish student, who was run over after attending a meeting of a far-right organisation two years ago, should be fully investigated, said a London MEP. In a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Liberal Democrat European Justice spokeswoman Baroness Sarah Ludford called on her fellow MEPs to lend […]

Fresh inquiry into student’s death rejected

A fresh investigation into the bizarre and unexplained death of a British student who had become involved with a political cult in Germany has been ruled out by prosecuting authorities in Wiesbaden. The decision is a devastating blow to the family of Jeremiah Duggan, 22, who have maintained since his death two years ago that […]

New hope in cult victim campaign

Lawyer claims he can prove mother’s belief that man died fleeing an anti-Semitic group. A top lawyer who represented a former East German Communist leader will try to prove that a Jewish student who died fleeing an anti-Semitic cult did not kill himself. Nikolas Becker, who once worked for Erich Honecker, believes there is enough […]

The student, the shadowy cult and a mother’s fight for justice

Jeremiah Duggan’s death baffled German police and was labelled suicide. Now, 18 months on, new evidence has prompted a reinvestigation His death at a bleak road junction in Germany seemed destined to remain shrouded in mystery. Shortly after leaving a meeting staged by far-right extremists, British student Jeremiah Duggan inexplicably ran in front of speeding […]

No Joke

Eight-time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche may be a punchline on ‘The Simpsons,’ but his organization — and the effect it has on young recruits — is dead serious The desperation in her son’s voice jolted Erica Duggan fully awake. “Mum, I’m in big trouble,” Jeremiah, a 22-year-old college student, said into the phone quietly, as […]

Hate groups in the PGH breezeway?

The University of Houston Main Campus boasts a culturally and religiously diverse student body. UH probably has students representing nearly every country and faith system in the world — a sort of miniature United Nations. In light of this situation, it is most disturbing that a group who stands against such diversity often lurks on […]

The cult and the candidate

Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted fraudster and virulent anti-Semite. Now he’s campaigning for the American presidency. Terry Kirby investigates his sinister global network – and his conspiracy theories about Tony Blair He has warned that the international monetary system is about to collapse and that five billion people will die in the ensuing chaos. The […]

Mother in talks over son’s death

The mother of British student Jeremiah Duggan will meet with Foreign Office officials to discuss his mysterious death in Germany last year. Erica Duggan, of Golders Green, north London, rejects the German coroner’s suicide verdict after her son, 22, was hit by two cars in Wiesbaden, in March. A British coroner also rejected the verdict […]

Family’s plea for cult awareness week after student died in a state of terror

The family of a British student who died in mysterious circumstances a year ago after becoming involved with a “sinister” American political group are launching a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of cult-style organisations. Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Jeremiah Duggan, 22, who died after being struck by traffic […]

Germans Must Reopen Student Death Case – Family

The family of a British student who died mysteriously after allegedly becoming involved with a mysterious right-wing cult in Germany met the Government today to demand help in investigating his death. Erica and Hugo Duggan want the Foreign Office to put pressure on the German authorities to reopen the investigation into their son Jeremiahs death […]
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