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Fascist cult ‘may have killed Jewish student’

A new British inquest has been ordered into the death of a Jewish student in Germany after claims that he might have been killed by a far-Right cult.

A coroner in Germany ruled that Jeremiah Duggan, 22, had committed suicide by running on to a road where he was hit by fast-moving cars in 2003.

A High Court judge in London yesterday said that evidence of “foul play” must be investigated after new details suggested the crash was faked and he might have been killed.

Lord Justice Elias said his death, which was thought to have occurred on a highway near Wiesbaden, might have happened elsewhere and could have been “stage managed” to look like a road accident.

One member of the LaRouche group allegedly told his mother: “We have hunted him down … it is right that he is dead, he is a traitor and a spy.”

The judge ruled that potentially crucial evidence was not available at the first inquest held in 2003 by Dr William Dolman, the north London coroner.

The decision was welcomed by Erica Duggan, Jeremiah’s mother, who has long fought for a new hearing. She hopes it will lead to the German authorities reopening their investigations into her son’s death.

Lawyers for Mrs Duggan described the LaRouche group as “a cult-like organisation which Mrs Duggan now knows espouses a fascist and anti-Semitic ideology and is headed by Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted fraudster”.


– Source / Full Story: Fascist cult ‘may have killed Jewish student’, Murray Wardrop, Telegraph, May 21, 2010 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

Jeremiah Duggan’s parents hope documentary will bring justice

The parents of a Harrow youngster whose death has never been solved hope a documentary on their personal investigation will help finally bring justice for their son.

On April 1 Channel Four’s Cutting Edge series will broadcast Lost Abroad: The Parents’ Story – which looks at Erica Duggan’s pursuit to get answers about her son Jeremiah’s death.

Jeremiah Duggan’s death and Lyndon LaRouche – BBC – part 1/2 · Part 2/2

Former Quainton Hall School pupil Jeremiah, 22, was found on a dual carriageway on the outskirts of Wiesbaden, Germany, in 2003, just five days after he arrived in the region.

Shortly before his death, Jeremiah made several phone calls to his family and girlfriend indicating that he believed his life was in danger but authorities in Germany claimed his death was not suspicious.

Police claimed it was suicide but his family have been pressing for a full investigation after collating evidence that they say shows the young Jew was beaten to death by members of alleged antiSemitic cult, LaRouche.

“We hope the documentary will highlight how painstaking our attempts to seek answers have been and if it can help in our pursuit for justice then it will be well worthwhile.

“We have been sent letters of apology from those involved in his hasty inquest and we are awaiting a date for an investigation to be held at High Court.

– Source / Full Story: Parents hope son’s death documentary will bring justice, David Baker, Harrow Observer, Mar. 30, 2010 — Summarized by Religion News Blog