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Mark Hacking ‘snapped’ after wife learned deceptions, father says

SALT LAKE CITY — Mark Hacking “just snapped” and killed his wife after she learned he had been lying for years about his education and career plans, his father believes. “If he did this, then I think it’s clear that this whole house of cards he had built, all this deception, had come to an end. He had been found out. His wife discovered his deception and confronted him with it, and I just think he just saw his whole world collapsing and broke down,” the father, Douglas Hacking, told the Associated Press on Thursday. “He just snapped, and did

Attorney For Mark Hacking Says Mental illness Will be an Issue

The attorney for Mark Hacking, who told his brothers that he killed his wife and dumped her body in a garbage bin, plans to challenge his statements to his kin. “Remember Mark was housed in a psychiatric unit for the period of time these brothers are claiming they spoke with him,” attorney Gil Athay told Salt Lake television station KUTV Thursday. “To me that creates a substantial issue.” He said, “mental illness, mental deficiency certainly will be an issue in this case.” Mark Hacking, 28, reported his wife, Lori, missing on July 19. He said she had gone jogging and

Judge Grants Extention In Filing Charges Against Mark Hacking

The District Attorney’s Office now has until 5 o’clock Monday evening to file charges against Mark Hacking. Sandra Yi tells us a judge granted the extention, this morning. This extention allows the jail to hold Mark Hacking until Monday, when he’s expected to be formally charged. A judge today granted an extention requested by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office. Court documents cite this reason: the Salt Lake City Police Department ‘needs additional time to complete their investigation’. The document goes on to say, ‘detectives just returned to Utah from interviewing a witness who lives in Texas, are in

Newspaper says husband confessed to brothers

Search resumes for body of Lori Hacking Mark Hacking confessed to his brothers that he killed his wife and put the body in a trash bin, prompting the grim police search of the county landfill, a newspaper reported Thursday. Hacking’s brother Scott told The Salt Lake Tribune that it was to him and their brother Lance that Mark confessed on July 24. He said he and Lance together comprised “the reliable citizen witness” who revealed the confession to police and was quoted in an affidavit released earlier this week. “My brother and I sat and hugged him for about an

Police: Hacking Said He Killed His Wife

Mark Hacking Told a Patient He Killed Wife As She Slept, Salt Lake Authorities Say in Statement SALT LAKE CITY Aug. 3, 2004 — The husband of a missing pregnant woman told a “reliable citizen witness” in the psychiatric ward that he killed his wife as she slept and then threw her body in a trash bin, according to a court filing. The document, released Tuesday by the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department, also says investigators found human blood on a knife in the bedroom of Mark Hacking’s apartment and on the couple’s headboard and bedrail. Blood found in the

Mark Hacking Arrested for Murder of Wife

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Police arrested Mark Hacking Monday for aggravated murder in the alleged death of his pregnant wife, saying their evidence warrants the charge even as investigators look for her body. Hacking was arrested at 11 a.m. before his scheduled release from a psychiatric ward at the University of Utah Hospital. Lori Hacking, 27, has not been seen since late July 18 and her body has not been found, Chief Rick Dinse said. “We’re confidant we have a good case here,” Dinse said when announcing the arrest. Formal charges have not been filed against Hacking, 28. By

Search for Missing Utah Woman Halted

SALT LAKE CITY – Mark Hacking directed a relative to give police new information about his wife’s disappearance that has police turning again to a municipal landfill, detectives said Sunday. Authorities investigating the case were surprised by the family’s request that volunteers stop searching for Lori Hacking based on new detail from her husband. The statement released late Saturday by the families of Mark and Lori Hacking did not say what Mark Hacking had told them. Authorities would only say that the relative provided “additional substantive new information,” said Detective Dwayne Baird. He declined to comment further. Baird said police

Police issue brief statement in Hacking case

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – Police in Salt Lake City aren’t saying much about what Mark Hacking apparently told relatives about the search for his wife, Lori. Detective Dwayne Baird issued a brief statement today saying a Hacking family member had provided police with “substantial new information,” but wouldn’t elaborate. Baird says the search of the Salt Lake County landfill will resume Friday when cadaver dogs are available again. Baird did not say why the dogs wouldn’t be available until then. Baird did not respond to questions after his brief statement. The families of Mark and Lori Hacking released a

Hacking family: More searches unnecessary

Missing woman’s husband offers new information, family says SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (CNN) — The family of a missing Utah woman said her husband has given them information that makes the search for Lori Hacking unnecessary. Family members would not divulge the information and police said they were unaware of any such information. Mark Hacking, Lori’s husband, remained hospitalized at the University of Utah Hospital’s psychiatric ward where he was admitted after he reported his wife missing the morning of July 19. A police official told CNN they have not talked to Hacking in several days. Lori Hacking’s parents and

Report: Police Have Solid Evidence In Hacking Case

Evidence Could Solve Case SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Police are being credited with collecting evidence that could solve the disappearance of Lori Hacking — the pregnant Utah woman reported missing by her husband. The head of Utah’s crime lab says much of the evidence consists of every-day items taken from the couple’s apartment that shows no obvious connection to foul play. But Major Stuart Smith says that evidence — including scissors, knives, tape and rope — may be needed later to match evidence uncovered from other places. Police have spent four nights at the municipal landfill using a backhoe to