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Kenja Communication cult co-founder’s bizarre plot backfires

Kenja Communication cult co-founder Jan Hamilton A former member of cult Kenja Communications has been granted an apprehended violence order following allegations the co-founder instigated a bizarre plot to intimidate and harass her.

Alison Pels, 20, thought Jan Hamilton and another Kenja co-member “were going to kill her” when she discovered they had disguised themselves and posed as directors at a stage audition she attended.

Cult member ‘wore fake beard’ at bogus audition

Hamilton, who with her child sex-accused husband Ken Dyers founded the Kenja cult in Sydney’s north shore, yesterday fought an apprehended violence order over the alleged stunt.

A former cult member seeking the AVO said it was part of Hamilton’s attempt to “terrorise” her over the suicide of Dyers, whom she had accused of sexually abusing her weekly from age 12 to 15.

Campaign to clear cult leader

For $50 you can hear the widow of cult leader Ken Dyers – who committed suicide while facing 22 charges of sexual assault against two girls who were 12 at the time – talk tonight about “the true story about Ken Dyers and the attacks on our civil liberties”.

Ken Dyers: Tributes and accusations

Two sets of eyes have been scanning website tributes to the late Ken Dyers. There are people grieving a good man who committed suicide last week in desperation under the weight of scurrilous allegations of sexual misconduct . Then there are those outraged that an evil man died at his own hand rather than face a barrage of criminal charges for the systematic abuse of children under his thrall.