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New organization takes on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watch Tower Society

The recently established Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists represents an international group of campaigners against the Watch Tower Society — the legal entity behind a religious cult whose members are known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

The organization’s founders are committed to pursuing responsible and well-informed activism against the Watch Tower Society’s harmful teachings and practices.

Religion News Briefs: a UFO cult, a killer cult, a former cult

news roundup In today’s roundup: a UFO cult promotes the Swastika; yet another one of Jehovah’s Witnesses needlessly dies in obedience to the cult’s teachings; and the Trinity Broadcasting Network is reeling from yet another revelation.

Also: do people join cults due to depression? Plus: links to additional religion news stories of note.

Judge forces Jehovah’s Witness parents to allow transfusion for daughter with cancer

Jehovah's Witnesses An Australian court ordered the parents of a cancer-stricken child to put aside their religious beliefs and allow her life-saving treatment including a blood transfusion.

Countless unnecessary deaths have resulted from the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult’s unbiblical teachings regarding blood transfusions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses who banned blood transfusion for boy (3) lose court battle

Jehovah's Witnesses A three-year-old boy can be given a blood transfusion during surgery despite religious objections from his Jehovah’s Witness parents, the High Court in Ireland has ruled.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, theologically a cult of Christianity, promote un-biblical teachings regarding blood and blood transfusions.

Judge puts baby’s life before parents’ beliefs

court A Dublin, Ireland maternity hospital has secured court orders allowing it to perform, if required, an emergency blood transfusion on a child said to be at risk of being born prematurely to a woman who is a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith.

Coombe Hospital has won a number of court orders regarding blood transfusion for Jehovah’s Witnesses or their offspring.

Police inquiry over Jehovah’s Witness magazine ‘mentally diseased’ article

Jehovah's Witnesses An official magazine for Jehovah’s Witnesses that described those who leave the church as “mentally diseased” is at the centre of a police inquiry, it has emerged.

Detectives are investigating whether the article, published in July’s edition of The Watchtower, is in breach of Britain’s religious hatred laws.

Irish High Court grants transfusion order for Jehovah’s Witness baby

Jehovah's Witnesses Ireland’s High Court has made an order allowing the Coombe Hospital in Dublin to carry out an emergency blood transfusion on a baby girl born prematurely last week.

The baby, who weighs less than one kilogram, was born to Jehovah’s Witness parents, who have refused to agree to a blood transfusion should it become necessary.

Man opposes his wife receiving blood

Jehovah's Witnesses Fifty-eight-year-old Bruce Huff believes it is a sin to receive any blood or blood products. When his wife, 58-year-old Candy Huff, became unconscious several weeks ago and was rushed to Clark Memorial Hospital, he wrote a letter to the staff telling them not to give her blood transfusions.

The hospital filed a petition in Clark County Circuit Court asking that someone be appointed to make medical decisions for Candy Huff, alleging Bruce Huff was unable to make decisions in her best interest.