James Randi’s Million-Dollar Challenge coming to and end…

It’s always been a simple, direct, matter: do what you claim you can do of a paranormal nature, and walk away with the prize. Those who believe they have mystic powers now have two full years to apply…

Religion Today: James Randi

For more than two decades, James Randi has been the country’s skeptic-in-chief, aiming his arrow of rationalism at psychics and faith healers, mediums and mentalists. He finds his targets so preposterous and those falling for them so desperate that he has become obsessed.

Master of Wine student chases $1m payout

A Master of Wine student stands to win US$1m if his dissertation proves magnetic wine-improving devices work as claimed.

Mystics offered million dollar challenge

Skeptic: Principles not based on science ‘nonsense’ STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Reuters) — A sworn enemy of superstition, Canadian-born magician James Randi has thrown down the gauntlet to mystics, promising $1 million to anyone who can prove supernatural powers or a phenomenon beyond the reach of science. An arch-skeptic who demonstrates with his own sleight of hand […]

Portrait: James Randi: Schooled not to be fooled

U.S. News & World Report, Aug. 26, 2002 http://www.usnews.com/ BY KIM CLARK FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. — Nearly every time James Randi goes to a restaurant or a mall, somebody stops him to say that with his snowy beard, balding pate, and smiling eyes, he should play Santa Claus. Boy, have they got the wrong guy. […]
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