Muslims helping to rebuild Christian school in Kashmir

India Muslims in Kashmir, in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent, are supporting the re-building of a Christian school that was destroyed by fire during anti-Christian violence one year ago.

On 13 September, 2010, the Tyndale Biscoe School was the target of Muslims protesting a reported desecration of the Quran in the U.S. that marked the ninth anniversary of the 11 September 2001 terror attacks.

Southern Baptist leader leaves mosque coalition

A leader of the Southern Baptist Convention has withdrawn from an interfaith coalition that supports the rights of Muslims to build mosques in their communities.

Interfaith group seeks to protect California deserts

Seven religious leaders climbed out of their vehicles on a recent weekday and scattered on foot across Whitewater Canyon northwest of Palm Springs. They were looking for clues to the character of the prophets said to have used the wilderness as a gateway to spiritual awakenings.

It didn’t take long for members of the newly formed Desert Stewardship Project, an interfaith coalition dedicated to protecting the vast expanses of arid California, to find what they were seeking, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Moses met the Lord in the form of a burning bush on a mountain in the Sinai desert. Jesus prayed in the desert for 40 days before beginning his ministry. The prophet Muhammad meditated in a cave on the desert mountain of Hira, where the Angel Gabriel recited the Koran to him.

The coalition’s members — churches, synagogues, mosques and cultural organizations mainly in the Inland Empire — are linked by the spiritual connections between their local desert landscapes and the parched sacred grounds that have nurtured some of the world’s great religions.

Their mission is to spur more congregations to take on issues affecting desert lands, vistas and waterways and help provide what Burklo described as “a new dimension and depth” to the conversations about them. The areas of interest include alternative energy development, mining, recreation, military exercises, transportation corridors and proposed national monuments.

German Protestant head says a European Islam needed for dialogue

Europe A European form of Islam needs to develop before a meaningful interfaith dialogue can take place on the continent, the new leader of Germany’s 24 million Protestants has said.

“We are only at the beginning of a serious inter-religious discussion on a theologically high level and that is because there are problems with finding counterparts,” the Rev. Nikolaus Schneider says.

Muslims in Spain campaign to worship alongside Christians

Muslims in Spain are campaigning to be allowed to worship alongside Christians in Cordoba Cathedral — formerly the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Today, at the original Cordoba mosque in Spain, there is no call to prayer, only the ringing of church bells. That’s because the former mosque is now a working Catholic cathedral, performing a daily mass.

It’s been a Cathedral since Spain’s Christian monarchy conquered Cordoba in the 13th century, but the site remains significant for Muslims as a symbol of Islam’s golden age of learning and religious tolerance. The Mosque of Cordoba was once famed for allowing both Christians and Muslims to pray together under the same roof.

Now, some Muslims are trying to repeat that history. Mansur Escudero, a Spanish convert to Islam, is leading the movement that is pushing for the right of Muslims to pray at the Cordoba Cathedral.

“I don’t think it’s important for Muslims. I think it’s important for humankind,” Escudero says. “We think this is a beautiful paradigm of tolerance, knowledge, culture. People of different religions living together.”

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A priest at Pendle Witch Camp

You can learn a lot from pagans, Mark Townsend suggests: “I’m actually a priest of the Church of England – but with a difference. Though I’m still in “holy orders”, I now work full time as a magician, writer and retreat leader. I’ve been described as a “priest at the edge”. My latest book, The Path of the Blue Raven, describes my own encounters with the Pagan traditions of this land and what great treasures I’ve learned from them.” “I’ll always be a priest. It’s where it all began, and the beauty of the unpolluted Christ-message is still enough to send shock waves of love rippling down my spine. But when I spend time with pagans and absorb the openness, warmth, magical-power and sheer delight in being human, I catch a glimpse of what the church ought to, and (perhaps) could be like.” See also: Neo-Paganism: Is Dialogue Possible?

Rome hosts Vatican-Muslim summit

Catholic Islamic interfaith dialogue Muslim and Vatican officials are holding historic talks in Rome to establish a better inter-faith dialogue and defuse any future tensions.

CatholicMuslim ties soured after Pope Benedict XVI’s speech in 2006, in which he linked Muslims with past violence.

The speech provoked Muslim outrage and triggered violent protests.

Archbishop of Canterbury claims Christian doctrines is offensive to Muslims. Fails to note Islamic doctrine is offensive to Christians.

Rowan Williams As if he did not already have his hands full with the (pending) schisms within the denomination he supposedly leads, the ‘Archbishop of Canterbury’ keeps finding opportunities to court controversy.

Dr Williams also said violence is incompatible with the beliefs of either faith and that, once that principle is accepted, both can work together against poverty and prejudice and to help the environment.

Peace broker, bank adviser and lecturer, now Blair plans to teach religion at Yale

Not content with trying to bring peace to the Middle East – as well as advising an insurance company on the risks of climate change, a bank on crisis management and Rwanda on good governance – Tony Blair is to add another job to his portfolio: teaching God and politics at one of America’s most prestigious universities.

Riots over death of Muslim with Hindu wife

A tale of forbidden love that ended in a man’s violent death has sparked rioting in Calcutta and led to the removal of the city’s police chief.

Church of England donates cash to aid Muslim prayer

A diocese of the Church of England is giving an unprecedented £250,000 towards a multi-faith building in which the largest amount of worship space will be reserved for Muslims.

Students aim to bridge theological gap

As Mitt Romney tells people that his religion won’t dictate his political policy decisions and an occasional Christian pastor warns publicly that Romney’s religion is a “cult,” some are looking to bridge the cultural gap that divides evangelical Christians and Latter-day Saints.

In Open Letter, Muslims Seek Cooperation With Christians as a Step Toward Peace

Scores of Muslim clerics, theologians and academics issued an open letter yesterday to all Christian leaders saying the two religions need to work more closely together, given that they share the basic principles of worshiping one God and loving thy neighbor.

Scientologists find unlikely allies in other faiths

The ‘Rev.’ Charles Kennedy of the Glorious Church of God in Christ commits spiritual adultery: he supports and promotes programs develped by charlatan and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Evangelicals, Muslims start rare dialogue

They sat facing each other, 14 evangelical preachers on one side, 12 U.S-based Arab diplomats on the other. Nabil Fahmy, the Egyptian ambassador to the U.S., listened as introductions began, and he found himself amazed.

She is Mormon. He is evangelical Christian…

Both consider themselves faithful Christians who believe in Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life. Both want the other to convert.

Mormons try to alter perceptions

The Mormon church, which misrepresents itself by claiming to be Christian in nature, is making overtures to other faiths.

Religious groups aid fight against global warming

Evangelical Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Unitarians: All are committing time and effort to transforming their buildings and their congregants’ mindsets on Global Warming. Some were slow to jump on this bandwagon because they are wary of government studies and environmental activists. But with several recent studies emphasizing the urgent need to slow climate change, they say they are getting the message out to their followers through Web sites, e-mails, films and Sunday sermons.

Cross debate costs College of William and Mary $12 million donation

A longtime donor to the College of William and Mary is withholding a $12 million pledge because of the decision to remove of a cross from a campus chapel, the school said.
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