Raelians Rocket From Clones to Clitorises

The Raelians have championed some strange causes in the movement’s 25-year history, including aliens and human clones, but now they are going to bat for a body part — the clitoris. [video]

The unspeakable practice of female circumcision that’s destroying young women’s lives in Britain

Most people will be unfamiliar with this practice, which involves removing part or all of the clitoris, the surrounding labia (the outer part of the vagina) and sometimes the sewing up of the vagina, leaving only a small opening for urine and menstrual blood.

Egypt forbids female circumcision

Egypt has announced that it is imposing a complete ban on female circumcision, also known as genital mutilation.

Sweden jails circumcision father

A Swedish court has jailed a Somali man for four years for forcing his 13-year-old daughter to be circumcised. Swedish citizen Ali Elmi Hayow, 41, held his daughter down while the operation was carried out, the court said, although he denied the charges. It is the first conviction in Sweden since the country banned the […]

RAEL Launches the ‘Adopt a Clitoris’ Program to Fight Against Sexual Mutilation

LAS VEGAS, May 15 /PRNewswire/ — Following the announcement made by Dr. Lankonade, OBGYN in Burkina Faso, stating that women and children of all ages who have suffered the indignation and torture of clitoral excise (the equivalent of male castration in its barbarity) now have the chance to regain sexual pleasure and once again be […]

Ban planned for ‘vile practice’

BBC, Mar. 23, 2003 http://news.bbc.co.uk/ Parents who take their daughters out of the country to undergo circumcision will face 14 years imprisonment under plans backed by the government. Home Secretary David Blunkett says he is determined to outlaw “this vile practice” by closing a loophole in the law that would have banned it 17 years […]
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