Guatemala keeps out self-styled Anti-christ

An American religious leader who calls himself the “Anti-christ” canceled a visit to Guatemala after the Central American country barred him as a security risk, saying he provokes conflict with Roman Catholics and evangelicals.

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda has emerged as an exalted yet divisive figure

Despite growing criticism from mainstream churches, De Jesus — a one-time teenage heroin addict who claims thousands of followers in the United States and Latin America — hasn’t backed down from his quest to form ”God’s government on Earth,” one that would install him as universal head of state. If anything, he has grown more determined.

Self-proclaimed Antichrist to flout ban and meet followers in Guatemala

The Central American country has banned the leader of the Florida-based Growing in Grace church, arguing he is a security risk because he provokes conflict with Roman Catholics and evangelicals.

Loving the Lord, their own way

A Miami-based con artists claims to be Jesus. And the antichrist. His unbiblical messages shown him to be a heretic at best — and deluded at worst. He nevertheless manages to gather many followers.

3 Central American nations ban self-styled Antichrist

Three Central American governments have banned a man claiming to be the Antichrist from entering their countries, outraged by his inflammatory preaching against the Catholic Church and organized religion.

Nicaraguan Clergy Want Miami Antichrist Banned

Roman Catholic and evangelical leaders say Nicaragua should deny entry to the leader of a Florida-based church who has declared himself the Antichrist.

Guatemalan authorities ban march by Antichrist followers

Capital authorities said Friday the controversial Growing in Grace sect — which has about a dozen offices and 2,500 followers in Guatemala — did not comply with laws that require religious groups to respect each other.

Former felon leads congregation of anti-Christs

The man who claims to be Jesus, as well as the anti-christ, has attracted small pockets of followers in Canada.

Brother calls 666 preacher a phony and a cult leader

First he called himself Jesus Christ, then he said he was the anti-christ. Now his own brother is calling the controversial head of a South Florida church something else — a cult leader.

Jesus Might Be Alive and Well in Houston

When asked to explain who he is, de Jesus responds: “Jesus Christ, man, the second manifestation, the Second Coming of Christ.” He acknowledges that “it bothers a lot of people” that he calls himself Jesus.

Son-of-the-Father Figure

How does a former heroin addict whose identities have evolved from the Apostle Paul to the Son of God get people to believe in him and give him money?

Controversial Miami church has followers get 666 tattoos

Surrounded by a mob of news cameras, a group of smiling, well-dressed church members crowded into a South Beach storefront parlor on a recent muggy evening and got matching tattoos of their prophet’s symbol: 666.

Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is not your typical minister. De Jesus, or “Daddy” as his thousands of followers call him, does not merely pray to God: He says he is God.

For ‘Antichrist’ followers, fulfillment, not fear

Cult leader who claims to be Jesus (and the Antichrist) demonstrates his control over his followers.

Man Who Says He’s Jesus Says He’s the Antichrist

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda claims to be Jesus Christ. He also claims to be the Antichrist.

Meet the Minister Who Says He Is Jesus Christ

Just last week, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda called himself the Antichrist and revealed a 666 tattooed on his forearm. His explanation: that, as the second coming of Christ, he rejects the continued worship of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus Christ, man

He wears gold Rolexes and diamond-studded rings. He owns mansions, luxurious cars and, according to his daughter/accountant, received a salary (not counting gifts) of $136,000 in 2005. No, he isn’t a highly-paid working man. He’s simply Jesus Christ Man.

Self-proclaimed Messiah has four churches in Massachusetts

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda calls himself God — as well as millions of followers, growing in numbers everyday, according to the self-proclaimed prophet’s website. That includes those in Massachusetts, where there are four churches across the state in his honor.

Minister Claims To Be Second Coming Of Christ

Is he a religious savior or a cult leader? A self-proclaimed messiah from Florida says it’s his job to save humanity. His church is called Creciendo en Gracia — or Growing in Grace Ministry — and there are four congregations here in Massachusetts. The church leader is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda and when asked who he is, he replies I am Jesus Christ Man. . . the second coming of Christ.
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