Police decline to lay charges in Grenville Christian College abuse allegations

Grenville Christian College After a 14-month investigation, the Ontario Provincial Police said yesterday it had decided not to lay charges in response to allegations of physical and sexual abuse at a former private school run by Anglican priests.

A series of articles in The Globe and Mail – revealing harsh, cult-like religious activities and the abuse of students from the 1970s to the 1990s – led first to an investigation by the bishop of the Anglican diocese of eastern Ontario and then a criminal investigation by the OPP.

Second class-action suit against Grenville Christian College seeking $225M in damages

Life behind the stately walls of Grenville Christian College was “stranger than fiction,” according to a former student who is part of a second class-action lawsuit seeking $225 million in damages for alleged physical and sexual abuse at the former private boarding school east of Brockville.

Grenville Christian College faces new $200-million lawsuit

A second lawsuit filed against Grenville Christian College and the Anglican Diocese of Ontario claims the now-closed private school was operated as a mind-control cult that left former students physically, mentally and sexually traumatized.

Former students suing Grenville Christian College, others

A lawsuit alleging decades of abuse of former students has been launched against Ontario’s Grenville Christian College, the Anglican Church of Canada and two of its priests, and a Massachusetts group known as the Community of Jesus.

Proposed sale of school irks lawyer in abuse case

Grenville Christian College, the now-closed Ontario private school at the centre of cult abuse allegations, has been put up for sale and a lawyer representing some of the former students is considering applying for an injunction to halt any transaction in advance of possible lawsuits.

Anglican bishop suspends abuse investigation

Anglican officials yesterday put in limbo their inquiry into abuse allegations against two priests who were headmasters of a now-closed private school in Eastern Ontario – angering several former students who accused the church of trying to protect itself from legal action.

Mothers of invention: the women behind the Community of Jesus

How a bizarre religious group fabricated by two charismatic women sparked controversy and alleged abuse at an elite Ontario private school.

Church’s response to Grenville Christian College controversy likened to residential schools case

Ms. Larmondin is critical of Bishop George Bruce of the Eastern Ontario diocese, where Grenville is located, for issuing a “pastoral statement” stating that at no time did his diocese have responsibility or control over the school.

Priests asked to give their side of Grenville Christian College story

The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario has invited former priests accused of wrongdoing at Grenville Christian College to face the allegations made against them in a church inquiry into the scandal at the now-closed private school.

Emotional headmaster apologizes at gathering of Grenville Christian College alumni

All but a handful of the Grenville staff were avowed members of the Community of Jesus, a Massachusetts-based organization that has been labelled a cult in U.S. media reports.

Police launch criminal probe into Grenville Christian College

A scandal has been swirling over allegations of cult practices and abuse at Grenville Christian College since it suddenly shut down last month.

No Grenville Christian College complaints yet; Police reviewing online allegations

An Anglican bishop reviewing allegations of cult practices and abuse at Grenville Christian College has been advising former students who believe they were the victims of criminal acts to file formal complaints with police, said a senior official for the diocese.

Ontario police study abuse allegations

The inquiry into Grenville Christian College has entered a new phase with the Ontario Provincial Police confirming they are studying allegations from former students who claim they were abused and assaulted at the now-closed private school.

Community of Jesus leader implicated in 1990s abuse probe

Steve Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor in Somerville and mind control expert, sees common ground between the boot camp at Grenville, as described by Price English, and behavior at the Community of Jesus that he first learned about in 1985 after he was contacted by members of the church.

Bishop may convene rare ecclesiastical court in cultic abuse case

The Anglican priest alleged to have abused students through cult practices at an Eastern Ontario elite private school may face a rare ecclesiastical court convened by the bishop who is investigating his behaviour.

Class-action suit being prepared against Grenville Christian College

A lawyer based in Burlington is drafting a class-action lawsuit for hundreds of former Grenville Christian College students alleging decades of psychological and physical abuse at the now-closed private school east of Brockville.

Grenville probe widens to include ex-teachers

Former student will testify at inquiry today that he was held down and beaten bloody with a heavy wooden object.

Anglicans weigh sanctions against priest

Anglican authorities have begun investigating the activities of a retired Anglican priest who was headmaster for two decades of a now-closed private Christian school where alleged abusive cult practices were carried out.

Online chats, Canadian probe put Cape Cod church under scrutiny

For the fifth time in 28 years, the Community of Jesus is fielding allegations about cult-like behavior, mind control and excessive discipline among the families and monastic orders at its site at Rock Harbor.
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