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Police decline to lay charges in Grenville Christian College abuse allegations

Grenville Christian College After a 14-month investigation, the Ontario Provincial Police said yesterday it had decided not to lay charges in response to allegations of physical and sexual abuse at a former private school run by Anglican priests.

A series of articles in The Globe and Mail – revealing harsh, cult-like religious activities and the abuse of students from the 1970s to the 1990s – led first to an investigation by the bishop of the Anglican diocese of eastern Ontario and then a criminal investigation by the OPP.

Second class-action suit against Grenville Christian College seeking $225M in damages

Life behind the stately walls of Grenville Christian College was “stranger than fiction,” according to a former student who is part of a second class-action lawsuit seeking $225 million in damages for alleged physical and sexual abuse at the former private boarding school east of Brockville.