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Jail home to God’s House pair

Police say they are holding the two because they won’t cooperate. PLAINFIELD — The two inhabitants of “God’s House” in Moosup remained in jail following their arraignment Friday because they would not sign a written promise to appear back in Danielson Superior Court. On Thursday, Plainfield police arrested Lee Ecker, 72, also known as “J.C. Foster,” and Theresa Bellavance, 41, also known as “Sister Rachel,” at 88 Church St., also known as “God’s House.” They were charged with first-degree trespassing and failure to submit to fingerprints. After Friday’s arraignment, Ecker and Bellavance will appear in court Oct. 2, according to

Nobody home at ‘God’s House’

PLAINFIELD — “God’s House” is empty. Neighbors are happy. When Plainfield police hauled away Lee Ecker, 72, also known as “J.C. Foster,” and Theresa Bellavance, 41, also known as “Sister Rachel,” from 88 Church St., also known as “God’s House,” Thursday, the neighbors cheered. Some took the day off to videotape it. Others popped champagne corks. “I think it’s just great,” said Church Street resident Paula Malboef. “I’m just relieved.” For nearly two decades, the white structure with apocalyptic Biblical writing adorning its exterior has been home to inhabitants claiming they were preordained to live there, though they didn’t own

Police evict people who claim God was landlord

PLAINFIELD, Conn. — “God’s House” is empty after the eviction of two religious devotees who claimed they were instructed to remain in the house by God. The home is covered with posters bearing scripture verses, and a sign that asks residents to inquire Plainfield officials about why God’s wrath is coming to town. Police Thursday hauled away Lee Ecker, 72, also known as “J.C. Foster,” and Theresa Bellavance, 41, also known as “Sister Rachel.” A lawyer for home owner’s conservator filed the eviction notice. The property’s owner, Morse B. Zimmerman, is in a nursing facility. In 1990, he submitted documents

God’s house arrest

For months the people in one Plainfield home said their place was legally owned by god and they weren’t budging. But today they were taken away in handcuffs. JC Foster and Sister Rachel are now out of the house and the neighbors are celebrating.  The pair had said they would not leave on their own and would let God’s will determine their fate. This morning that apparently came in the form of an eviction. Their exit from the so-called God’s house was peaceful and for some joyous. Sister Rachel: “God’s gonna show these people that they have done evil and may

Trouble stirring in ‘God’s House’

Norwich Bulletin (Connecticut), Aug. 1, 2003 By DON BOND PLAINFIELD — The two remaining inhabitants of God’s House at 88 Church St., defied a legal notice to vacate the property Thursday. “This is not J. C.’s house, this is truly God’s house, so there is no way we could even consider leaving,” said J.C. Foster, who with Sister Rachel are the last members of the religious group still living at the Church Street house. Timeline Nov. 1981 — God’s House residents are evicted from a house on Pleasant Street, Dayville, by court order after a foreclosure on an unpaid

God’s House Tenants Face Eviction Proceedings

The Hartford Courant (Connecticut), Aug. 1, 2003 By LEE FOSTER, Courant Staff Writer PLAINFIELD — The two remaining tenants of God’s House are being threatened with eviction. J. C. Foster – who calls himself the Mouth of God – and Sister Rachel say they aren’t going anywhere. Anyone who tries to take them out of the white Cape-style house on Church Street will be “struck down dead” by God, Foster said Wednesday. They believe the house belongs to God, who ordained that they should live there. “God put us here and that’s where we’ll stay,” Foster said, seated at