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Gilbert Deya is a Kenyan preacher who lives in the UK. He claims to head the world’s fastest growing ministry.

He also claims that his prayers help infertile women to get pregnant. These women then must travel to Kenya in order to deliver their babies. DNA tests carried out by British authorities on one of these babies proved that the child’s DNA differed from that of its parents.

Deya is fighting his extradition to Kenya, where he is wanted to stand trial on kidnapping and child trafficking charges.

In October, 2013, while still in the UK, Gilbert Deya was arrested on charges op rape and other sexual assualt.

‘Miracle Babies’ Pastor Gilbert Deya Charged With Sex Offenses

Pastor Gilbert Deya, who claims he can help infertile couples get babies through prayer, has been arrested on sexual assault charges.

Deya, 61, is charged with three counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, and one count of sexual assault by touching an underage girl.
Gilbert Deya faces sexual assualt charges
The Associated Press notes that Britain’s Home Office could not immediately answer why Deya is still in Britain, since he lost a legal battle two years ago against extradition to his native Kenya to face kidnapping charges.

In 2004 the Gilbert Deya Ministries website claimed that the organization was “the fastest growing Ministry in the UK and worldwide.”

After praying for infertile couples at, self-proclaimed archbishop Deya sent them to Kenya in order for them to deliver their ‘miracle babies,’ which were then brought back to England. One of the women involved claimed to have had three babies — on as many separate occassions — in one year.

An investigate report broadcast in 2004 on BBC Radio 4′s Face the Facts (listen) noted that when British authorities tested one of those babies, its DNA did not match either of its supposed parents. In addition, the Kenyan birth certificate was found to be a forgery.

Kenyan authorities want to prosecute Deya for stealing and trafficking children.

His wife, Mary, has already spent 3 years in jail in Kenya for stealing a baby. However, she was acquitted, for lack of evidence, of charges of stealing five other children.

Gilbert Deya will remain in custody at least until a preliminary hearing on 8 November.

Self-proclaimed archbishop Gilbert Deya to be extradited to Kenya

Gilbert Deya, the self-proclaimed archbishop who claimed he could give infertile couples a “miracle baby,” has lost his fight against extradition from England to his native Kenya where he is to be tried on child trafficking charges.

The Home Secretary Theresa May last week approved to extradite Gilbert Deya to Kenya, where he faces accusations he stole five babies between 1999 and 2004.

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, whose constituents were caught up in the affair, welcomed the move, saying: “I am very pleased that Gilbert Deya is finally being deported, although I am disappointed it has taken so long. I have been calling for his removal for many years.

“Gilbert Deya is a modern day snake oil salesman who has conned and betrayed his vulnerable congregation. He is a very dangerous man who should have been removed from this country a long time ago.

“He prayed on innocent families who desperately wanted children, while trafficking and smuggling Kenyan babies into the UK. He should face the heavy hand of justice for his abhorrent behaviour.”[…]

Mr Deya was first ordered to be extradited three years ago, and an appeal against extradition failed in October 2008 and he was refused leave to appeal to the House of Lords.

His lawyers made representations that his human rights would be infringed if he was sent to Kenya, but those claims have now been dismissed.

His extradition was confirmed on Tuesday, September 13, and the process of removing him from the country is now underway.

Deya’s wife has already been jailed in Kenya after being convicted of stealing a baby.