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 Gentle Wind Project

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Thursday January 31, 2008
Family Systems Research GroupFSRGGentle Wind Project:
Would you like to pay a lot of money for a colorful piece of plastic billed as ‘healing technology’? You may want to first read why this group’s previous incarnation was booted out of Maine.

Thursday May 17, 2007
Gentle Wind Project:
Search engines reveals lawsuits, allegations about misconduct, and dozens of news stories about the Gentle Wind Project…most of them calling it a cult…and many people warning others to stay away.

Thursday May 10, 2007
Gentle Wind Project:
Once based in Blue Hill, GWP manufactured healing instruments that it claimed were based on designs received through telepathic impressions from the “sprit world.” Distributed worldwide, the group claimed its products could effectively treat everything from high blood pressure to Alzheimer’s disease.

Friday November 10, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
The Gentle Wind Project has agreed to drop a defamation lawsuit against two former members who wrote articles comparing the self-styled spiritual healing group to a mind control cult.

Gentle Wind Project:
The Gentle Wind Project drops its lawsuit against former members who call the business a cult.

Sunday September 3, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
DURHAM - The disbanded Gentle Wind Project is back in business with a new website and reorganized leadership.

Friday September 1, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
DURHAM The Gentle Wind Project's law firm is refusing to represent the organization any longer, citing nonpayment of legal fees.

Monday August 28, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
Invisible damage: Their homes and businesses are being rebuilt and their cities recovering, but many Gulf Coast storm survivors are haunted by Katrina's silent legacy of mental trauma

Wednesday August 16, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
KITTERY, Maine -- The Gentle Winds Project is no longer able to operate in the state of Maine, must liquidate all of its assets for distribution to its customers and eventually to mental-health agencies, and several directors must pay penalties, in an agreement reached recently with the Maine Attorney General's office.

Tuesday August 15, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
A Kittery-based nonprofit that sold "healing instruments" purportedly designed in the "spirit world" has agreed to stop doing business in Maine and turn over all of its assets to the state to resolve a civil lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's Office.

Gentle Wind Project:
State enters into consent degree with The Gentle Wind Project for deceptive practices and violations

Gentle Wind Project:
AUGUSTA (AP) -- The state has entered into a consent decree with The Gentle Wind Project that dissolves the organization and forbids its founders from making false claims about its so-called "healing instruments," officials said Monday.

Thursday July 27, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
Maine AG: Spiritual group is run illegally

Monday July 24, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
Maine's attorney general is suing the Kittery-based nonprofit Gentle Wind Project, alleging 13 violations of the state's Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Tuesday July 18, 2006
Gentle Wind Project:
The Gentle Wind Project, which for 22 years has distributed "healing instruments" built on designs adherents claim were transmitted from the "spirit world," has been sued by the Maine Attorney General's Office for allegedly violating the Unfair Trade Practices Act.

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