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Obituary: Gene Scott, 75; Television Preacher Famous for His Unconventional Ministry

Gene Scott, the flamboyant and plain-speaking pastor and television preacher who was as adept at staring down a live television audience to raise money as he was at holding forth with an erudite teaching on the Bible, has died. He was 75. Scott, a philanthropist who helped raise money for the Los Angeles Public Library and the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, died Monday afternoon at Glendale Adventist Medical Center after suffering a stroke, according to a spokesman. He had been fighting prostate cancer for more than five years and had suffered a heart attack eight years ago, a

Televangelist Gene Scott dies at 75

LOS ANGELES – Gene Scott, the shaggy-haired, cigar-smoking televangelist whose eccentric religious broadcasts were beamed around the world, has died. He was 75. Scott died Monday after suffering a stroke, family spokesman Robert Emmers said. For three decades, Scott was pastor of Los Angeles University Cathedral, a Protestant congregation of more than 15,000 members housed in a landmark downtown building. In the mid-1970s, Scott began hosting a nightly live television broadcast of Bible teaching. His nightly talk show and Sunday morning church services were aired on radio and television stations to about 180 countries around the world by his University

Preacher Agrees to Cancer Surgery

Televangelist Gene Scott, who relied on faith healing, says his disease is now ‘out of control.’ Gene Scott, a flamboyant televangelist who previously relied on faith healing to cure his prostate cancer, announced he would undergo surgery Monday at UCLA Medical Center, saying his disease had run “out of control.” Gene Scott The Shock Jock of Televangelism A statement by three of his organizations said the 75-year-old preacher had discovered this month that a “golf ball-sized cancer” had spread to his bladder from his prostate, where cancer was first diagnosed four years ago. The statement said Scott would also undergo

The Shock Jock of Televangelism

With Savvy Philanthropy and an In-Your-Face Style, Dr. Gene Scott Has Generated a Lavish Lifestyle, Powerful Friends in Los Angeles and a Fiercely Loyal Global Following On any given night, millions of weary souls plop down on the family-room couch, pick up the remote and scan the airwaves in search of infotainment. They skip past snapshots of Roseanne raiding the refrigerator and the Bundys swapping insults until a close-up of The Face flashes on the screen. Partially obscured by cigar smoke, the face appears puffed with rage and ready to explode. Piercing blue eyes stare through half-framed reading specs and