Church of Scientology fights its conviction on fraud in Paris appeals court

Scientology The appeal for the Church of Scientology’s conviction on fraud has opened in a Paris court.

The cult’s defense lawyersh plan to argue during the appeal that the conviction curtails freedom of religion and association.

French full veil ban goes into force

niqab A law banning the wearing of garments that cover the face in public has today come into force in France — the first European country to impose such a ban. Penalties for forcing a person to wear a burqa are part of the law.

The ban is seen as primarily affecting Muslim women who wear the niqab or burqa.

France raised Muslim terror threat alert

France has stepped up its vigilance against terror threats, a top official announced Monday amid reports of various new threats, including one against the Paris transport network.

In the last few days, there has been a false bomb alert at the Eiffel Tower and five French workers and two African colleagues have been kidnapped in Niger, part of the African turf of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

Last week, the Senate voted to ban burqa-style Islamic veils in France, a subject that has prompted warnings by al-Qaeda‘s Maghreb group.

Here’s what you need to know about Islam and Terrorism.

French parliament adopts full face-veil ban

Niqab The French parliament passed a law Tuesday prohibiting wearing a full-face veil in public, meaning a ban will come into force early next year if it is not overturned by senior judges.

The Senate passed the bill by 246 votes to one. The bill already cleared the lower house in July, and will now be reviewed by the Constitutional Council, which has a month to confirm its legality.

The debate on sects continues in France

French chief of staff Emmanuelle Mignon has tried to correct some of the controversial quotes attributed to her on the subject of sects. In an interview with the publication VSD, she reportedly said that “sects were a non-problem in France”.

French panel recommends measures to keep religion out of hospitals

Far softer than a 2004 law that banned Muslim head scarves and other “ostentatious” religious signs from public classrooms, the proposed charter is, like the head scarf law, an effort to ensure the secular nature of France

Riot-torn Paris suburbs targeted by sects

Sect-like groups are profiting from the misery in riot-stricken French suburbs to attract new recruits under the guise of offering humanitarian aid, warns an official report. Organisations including the Church of Scientology, labelled a cult in France, are targeting vulnerable residents in the country’s poor, high immigration suburbs, it claims. France’s official sects watchdog, the […]

France Says Sikhs Must Remove Turbans

PARIS, France (AP) — France’s highest administrative body ruled Monday that Sikhs must remove their turbans for driver’s license photos, calling it a question of public security and not a restriction on freedom of religion. The Council of State’s ruling reversed its own decision in December in favor of Shingara Mann Singh, a French citizen […]

Yahoo Loses Lawsuit Over Nazi Memorabilia Sale

Yahoo yesterday lost its bid to avoid liability for “hate speech” as defined in France in a decision that reveals lack of unanimity about how the Internet should be regulated. A divided U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday reversed and dismissed a 2002 district court ruling that said Yahoo was not liable for […]

African evangelicals struggle for respect in France

MONTREUIL, France – The faithful are swaying, the walls are sweating and the choir’s belting out praise to the Lord. It’s Sunday morning and hundreds of black evangelicals are meeting in exuberant prayer. Cries of “Amen!” rise from rows of neatly dressed adults and clapping children. Gospel singers lead the crowd spelling out the name […]

As holidays approach, French find new ban on religious symbols cuts both ways

PARIS They arrived as they do every December: gaily wrapped gifts destined for children at a kindergarten in rural northern France. But this year, teachers unwrapped a few, took a look and sent all 1,300 packages back to City Hall. The presents were innocent, but strictly speaking, illegal: seasonal chocolates shaped like Christian crosses […]

Turbans get French Sikhs expelled

Three Sikh boys have been expelled from school outside Paris for breaking a French law banning pupils from wearing religious headgear in school. The boys – aged 14, 17 and 18 – were expelled after months of debate about whether an under-turban, or keski, was acceptable under the new law. The boys had been taught […]

Police: Suspected arsonist of Paris Jewish center is Jewish

PARIS – A man suspected of setting a fire that destroyed a Jewish community center in Paris last week is a Jewish former employee who was taken into police custody early Monday, a police spokesman said. The suspect, who was described as being in his 50s, was about to be fired, a police source said, […]

Anti-Semitic Attack on Jewish Community Center in Paris

PARIS, Aug. 22 Fire swept through a Jewish community center in eastern Paris in the early morning hours today after arsonists broke into the building and scrawled swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans inside. It was the latest in a wave of neo-Nazi acts sweeping the country. See also Police: Suspected arsonist of Paris Jewish center […]

200 French Jews heed aliya call

A week after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called on French Jews to immigrate to Israel, a group of 200 is heeding his call. After months of preparation, Albert Amanou’s family will arrive on Wednesday, hoping to begin a new life in Kiryat Malachi. Amanou applauded Sharon’s comments and said the prime minister is welcome at […]

Why France values its religious neutrality

Symbolism and scarves ARCUEIL, France – With France on the verge of passing a law that would prevent Muslim girls from wearing their head scarves in class, Americans are asking why the French are so attached to secularism. I always want to respond to this question by asking another, a version of one asked by […]
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