Faith-healing beliefs to be used as evidence in manslaughter trial

Travis and Wenona Rossiter A judge has ruled that religious beliefs and practices can be used as evidence in the manslaughter trial of a couple charged with manslaughter in the faith-healing death of their 12-year old daughter.

Travis and Wenona Rossiter belong to the Church of the First Born, which eschews modern medicine in favor of faith healing. [Read more...]

Faith healers sentenced to prison; abusive church continues

Herbert and Catherine Schaible Herbert and Catherine Schaible are sent to prison for the faith healing death of their 2nd child.

But the abusive church they belong to — a cult of Christianity — continues unhindered. [Read more...]

Lawmaker seeks to remove Christian Scientists’ religious exemption

'Christian' Science When it comes to issues of child abuse or neglect, followers of Christian Science — which is neither ‘Christian’ nor ‘science’ — should be held to the same standards as members of other groups.

A lawmaker in Washington state has introduced a bill that would eliminate a ‘faith healing’ exemption for Christian Scientists. [Read more...]

Faith healing parents charged with manslaughter in daughter’s death

Travis and Wenona Rossiter Authorities in Albany, Oregon on Thursday arrested a couple on charges first-and second-degree manslaughter in the death of their 12-year-old daughter.

The couple belongs to the Church of The First Born, which eschews modern medicine in favor of faith healing. The church is part of an nationwide network that is linked to numerous preventable deaths. [Read more...]

Faith healing parents lose bid to dismiss homicide charges

Herbert and Catherine Schaible Herbert and Catherine Schaible, charged with murder in the faith healing death of their 8-month old son, have lost their bid to have those charges dismissed.

The couple, members of an abusive church that teaches you can lose your salvation if you seek out medical help, is already on probation in the 2009 faith healing death of another son. [Read more...]

Ex-members of faith healing church say death surrounded them

Herbert and Catherine Schaible Former members of First Century Gospel Church, which teaches that a person’s salvation depends on trusting God to heal without medical help or medicine, refer to the church as a cult.

Two of its members will soon stand trial on murder charges in the ‘faith healing’ death of their 7-month old son. [Read more...]