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Yet another Dutch politician presents a film about Islam

Dutch politician presents another Islam film

Now it’s Ehsan Jami‘s turn. After Fitna, from right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and Submission, by former Dutch-Somali MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, now the young Iranian-born Dutchman Ehsan Jami has made a film about Islam.

‘An Interview with Mohammed’ is less confrontational than its predecessors. The 15-minute film shows Mr Jami interviewing the prophet Muhammed, played by an actor wearing a Bedouin headdress, his face covered by a paper mask.

The two discuss various aspects of Muhammed’s life. By way of a relaxed, contemporary news interview, the film creates a more modern, free-thinking version of the Muslim prophet.

Ehsan Jami says he made the film to spark a debate within Islam itself.

“Muslims should interpret the deeds of Muhammed differently, that’s what I hope, that’s what I try to do. The realisation has to come with their conscience, with a reformation.”

A call for Islamic reformation. But is Mr Jami a credible figure to be making such a call? He made a name for himself a year ago when he presented his Committee for Ex-Muslims. At that time, he harshly criticized his former religion, going so far as to compare Muhammed with Hitler.

In the meantime, he has changed course.

An Interview with Muhammed is much more moderate than the statements Ehsan Jami made last year. And a far cry from Submission, Fitna, or the cartoon film about the prophet, Jami originally planned to make.

Jami now says he doesn’t just want to name the problem. He wants to offer a solution. But why should Muslims listen to an avowed apostate?

“Why not? Because there’s no one else who’s doing it. I’m the only one, there are a few of us actually doing anything. I’m hoping more Muslims in Holland, native or not, stand up and fight for it, and fight for what we really believe in, for our civilisation, our culture, our human rights.”

In a reaction to the film, Dutch Muslim organisations released a statement calling it a “tepid piece of fluff”. The six organisations called off a press conference planned to comment on the film. They said the content of the film did not warrant the effort.

Ehsan Jami remains a confrontational figure. Regardless of the maker’s intentions, An Interview with Muhammed is destined to offend the very people he would like to reach.

– Source: Dutch politician presents another Islam film, John Tyler, Radio Netherlands, Dec. 9, 2008 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

Netherlands: Ex-Muslim Jami Finishes Islam Film, Expects ‘Cartoon Riots’

AMSTERDAM, 01/12/07 – Founder of the Committee for ex Muslims Ehsan Jami has finished his short film on radical Islam, and entitled it The Life of Mohammed. The ten minute film should be shown by February or March.

Jami expects the film will lead to even more controversy than the ‘Danish cartoon riots’. As he stated in Friday’s issue of newspaper De Telegraaf: “I am demonstrating the violent and tyrannical nature of Mohammed. This man murdered three Jewish tribes, killed apostates and married a 6 year old girl with whom he had sex when she was 9”.

Religious Insanity:


In the name of Islam countless Muslims use any and every opportunity to stage violent protests, issue death threaths, destroy property, murder, and commit other acts of terrorism. They go nuts (yes, nuts) over cartoons and teddy bears, while they generally keep quiet over acts of terrorism and other human rights violations commited by fellow members of their so-called ‘religion of peace.’

This week, Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders announced his intention to show a short film about Islam in January. In this film, Wilders will depict the Koran as a fascist book comparable to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, although Wilders would not yet give any details.

In September 2004, public broadcaster Nederland 3 aired the short film Submission, which showed images of Koran verses on the naked body of a battered woman. Theo van Gogh, who directed the film for former conservative (VVD) MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was brutally murdered by a radical Muslim two months later. The film has not been shown since.

Last month, the 24 year old Jami had to leave Labour (PvdA) which no longer accepted from him what it sees as a too harsh tone on Islam. According to the heavily guarded Iran-born politician – who was assaulted on the street by Muslims in August – his film merely shows facts. “I hereby put up a sum of 50,000 euros to anybody who can refute all these facts”. Without apparent modesty, he describes the film as “a small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind – and freedom”.

The identity of the TV channel that is to broadcast the already-controversial film is to be kept secret until the last moment.

According to De Telegraaf, TV programme Netwerk has expressed interest. The newspaper further reports that there are contacts with American channel CNN, which may possibly show excerpts from the film.

In the meantime, 50 residents of an apartment building in Leidschendam-Voorburg are protesting against Jami as their future neighbour. In consultation with the National Coordinator for Combating Terrorism (NCTb), the residents recently received a letter stating that the threatened politician is to move into a secured flat in their apartment building. This resulted in a widespread protest action, as reports.

In April 2006, Hirsi Ali had to leave her State-provided accommodation after neighbours complained that her presence would put them at risk. The residents took the matter to court and were successful in an appeal; Hirsi Ali had to move out. She now lives in the US, where she has attained world fame.