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RNB Editorial Statement on U.S. Warmongering

As the publisher of Apologetics Index and Religion News Blog I firmly believe that the continued warmongering by the government of the United States of America constitutes a serious breach of international law, and adds to America’s lengthy and growing record of grave human rights violations.

Information about U.S. human rights violations and related issues is included in this web log for the following reasons:

America’s goverment frequently accuses and even threathens (e.g. with economic boycotts) countries that protect their citizens against destructive and/or fraudulent cults of violating ‘human rights.’

Meanwhile, Washington consistently and deliberately fails to address America’s serious, real human rights violations.

As a Christian, the publisher of Apologetic Index / Religion News Blog believes that he (and other Christians) should address human rights violations.

As a member of Amnesty International, the publisher of Apologetics Index / Religion News Blog is an outspoken critic of America’s manifold human rights violations.

I believe that the war so passionately desired by the USA does not meet the conditions of the just war theory.

As a Christian – a follower of Jesus Christ – I am embarassed to hear some political leaders use and misuse the Bible, as well as their alleged faith in Jesus, in support of their warmongering.

I do find it encouraging, however, that – like myself – many Christians oppose the strong-arm, dictatorial tactics displayed by America – a country that, among other things, continuously violates and/or opposes international law (see, for example, America’s use of the death penalty, its opposition to an international anti-torture treaty – and its admitted involvement in government-sanctioned torture – as well as its fight against the International Criminal Court).

In short, mirroring Washington’s claims regarding Iraq, America is a nation that ignores and violates international law, shows military, economic and/or political agression toward those it disagrees with, and has weapons of mass destruction which it is prepared to use. It is a country that believes the UN and its members must obey its every whim, and fully intends to simply ignore any UN decision it doesn’t like.

Note, too, that America can only be sure that Iraq has certain weapons because the United States of America is one of the countries that wilfully and knowingly sold and exported such weapons to Iraq.

The record shows that the USA consistently holds other countries to standards it is not willing to meet itself:

The United States has long regarded itself as a beacon of human rights, as evidenced by an enlightened constitution, judicial independence, and a civil society grounded in strong traditions of free speech and press freedom. But the reality is more complex; for decades, civil rights and civil liberties groups have exposed constitutional violations and challenged abusive policies and practices. In recent years, as well, international human rights monitors have documented serious gaps in U.S. protections of the human rights of vulnerable groups. Both federal and state governments have nonetheless resisted applying to the U.S. the standards that, rightly, the U.S. applies elsewhere.
Source: Human Rights Developments in USA, Human Rights Watch (New York, USA), 1999

My interest in America’s human rights record is, in part, related to the subject of the web sites I publish. Among other things, it stems from the U.S. government’s badgering of other countries, including France and Germany, on behalf of cults and extremist groups. U.S. government leaders have gone as far as to suggest economic sanctions against Germany in retaliation of that country’s practice of keeping an eye on the extremist Scientology organization. Whereas Washington considers caution with regard to the Scientology business as ‘human rights violations,’ the U.S. fails to acknowledge, let alone address, America’s serious, ongoing human rights violations.

In addition, as a citizen of the Netherlands, I am not amused by Washington’s fight against the International Criminal Court. Former Nuremberg prosecutor, Benjamin Ferencz, correctly states that the U.S. government has deceived the American public on this issue. The U.S. Congress, meanwhile, has adopted what is mockingly referred to as the Hague Invasion Act – which authorizes the U.S. to invade The Hague, Netherlands (the “Judicical Capital of the World“) in order to free any and American citizens who, by their actions, would be subject to prosecution for crimes against humanity.

It is my prayer that war can still be avoided. But if not, I pray that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

May God bless those who do His will. I pray for all those involved in this conflict.

Anton Hein
Publisher, Apologetics Index / Religion News Blog
Amsterdam, Netherlands