Canada: Crown drops charges in ‘cult’ rescue kidnapping

Dominion Christian Centre / One Community Church The prosecution has decided not to pursue kidnapping and forcible confinement charges against a family doctor and his teacher wife who abducted their daughter three years ago because they believed she was being brainwashed by a religious cult.

At the centre of the bizarre kidnapping plot is a charismatic church leader known as Pastor Peter Rigo, who founded the evangelical Dominion Christian Centre Canada, now known as One Community Church, on Park Street North in Hamilton. [Read more...]

Kidnap suspect’s fate in limbo

Dominion Christian Centre A doctor accused of kidnapping his daughter in order to get her to leave a religious cult will have to wait another month before he learns his trial date.

Also accused in the case are the woman’s mother, 55-year-old Lucie Brun Del Re, a French teacher in Georgetown; her brother Giancarlo Brun Del Re; and family friends Alan Honner and Theresa Honner.

The church, Dominion Christian Centre, denies it is a cult… [Read more...]

Kidnapping suspect will learn his trial date next month

Dominion Christian Centre A Mississauga doctor accused, together with four other people, of kidnapping his daughter will appear in court next month to have a trial date set.

Dr. Renato Brun Del Re was charged with kidnapping and forcible confinement after his daughter was abducted Dec. 21, 2005.

His daughter is a member of the Dominion Christian Church in Hamilton. He alleges the church is a religious cult and that his daughter had been brainwashed. [Read more...]