‘The time is finished’: sect says its ‘666’ leader will be ‘transformed’

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Followers of José Luis De Jesus Miranda — a man who has claimed to be both Jesus Christ and the Antichrist — claim they and their leader will be ‘transformed’ on June 30th.

And, according to one of the cult members, “All those that are not believers are going to be destroyed.” [Read more...]

Hundreds celebrate a man they believe to be Jesus Christ reincarnated

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda A man claiming to be both Jesus Christ reincarnated and the Anti-Christ had a birthday party Friday.

Hundreds gathered in Golden Gate, Florida, to celebrate their Christmas – the birthday of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the Miami preacher who says he is Jesus Christ the man. [Read more...]

Supporters of ‘Antichrist’ protest Miami-Dade judges

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with ”666”, about a dozen followers of Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the Miami-based minister who proclaimed himself the Antichrist, protested his ”persecution” by the justice system in front of the family courthouse on Tuesday.

De Jesus is refusing to pay more than $2.2 million a judge has awarded to his ex-wife. [Read more...]

More trouble for fiery ‘Antichrist’ preacher

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who gained international notoriety by declaring himself first to be Jesus Christ, then the Antichrist, roundly lost his divorce court bid to protect his church from financial claims by his most recent ex-wife.

Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Roberto Pineiro essentially ruled that de Jesus’ Growing in Grace church was his personal business, rather than a religious nonprofit organization, and awarded Josefina de Jesus Torres the more than $2.2 million she sought in the divorce — the amount her lawyer deemed was half the assets of her ex-husband and his church. [Read more...]

Antichrist misses court date, but divorce case goes on without him

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the Doral-based church leader who first claimed to be Christ, then the Antichrist, disappeared after he was declared in contempt of court for failure to pay alimony to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Their divorce trial went ahead without him this week, with wife Josefina de Jesus Torres alleging abuse, abandonment and infidelity. [Read more...]

Man who says he is Jesus brings his controversial message back to Houston

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda claims to be Jesus. And the Anti-Christ. And the ruler of a soon-to-be-established worldwide government.

Nevertheless, lots of people believe his claims and join his religious cult. [Read more...]