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Surviving and Moving On After a High Demand Group Experience

A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) has run workshops for former members of high-demand, “cultic” groups for many years. In recent years increasing numbers of people born or raised in such groups (i.e., “second generation adults” – SGAs) have attended these workshops. These ex-members have special needs, which can be most effectively addressed through a workshop that focuses on them. SGAs do not have a “pre-cult identity” to which they can return. SGAs raised in fringe subcultures have to learn the implicit rules and expectations of mainstream culture. SGAs frequently have educational and other

Serious Times Church & Culture Conference

Many conferences offer insights into church leadership, church growth, and the practice of ministry. The 2006 Serious Times Church and Culture conference is uniquely designed to bring the latest and best analysis of our culture, coupled with strategies and insights from seasoned cultural engagers that will help the church become a change-agent; a true “maker” of culture. It is designed to serve churches willing to both think and act on the cutting edge of the world’s great need. Gain the latest insights into today’s culture, and how to transform it. Featuring Charles Colson, Andy Crouch, Crystal Downing, Brian Godawa, Kelly

A Clash of Cultures: Missionaries in the Marketplace of Religions

Birmingham Conference on Biblical Discernment A Clash of Cultures: Missionaries in the Marketplace of Religions Sponsored by: • Evangelical Ministries to New Religions • Southeastern Bible College • Watchman Fellowship Since 1935 Southeastern Bible College has been equipping Christians to serve in the midst of a complicated world and a culture that bombards us with conflicting messages. By combining academic excellence, vigorous scholarship, and spiritual values, SBC has the resources and the focus for your life’s work in the world. With such a rich tradition, EMNR is proud to have Southeastern Bible College as our host and cosponsor with Watchman

Psychological Manipulation, Cultic Groups, and Other Alternative Movements

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) organizes this conference for former group members, families of group-involved persons, helping professionals, researchers, and others. The sessions are organized into three “tracks” or theme areas: (1) assistance, (2) research, (3) other topics. On Thursday, June 22nd there will be preconference workshops for families, mental health professionals, and ex-members, including a special evening session for those born or raised in groups (“second generation” ex-members). The ICSA, the world’s largest secular cult information organization, is one of professional organizations recommended by Apologetics Index, the publishers of Religion News Blog (See: Recommended counselors / cult experts).

No Other Gods: A Conference on Cults, the Occult and World Religions

No Other Gods: A Conference on Cults, the Occult and World Religions The Resource Center for Theological Research organizes, “No Other Gods”: A Conference on Cults, the Occult and World Religions. When July 21-22, 2006 Where Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church Registration and Details The conference is open to the public and registration, taught by experts in the field of cults, the occult and world religions. Sessions include “Cosmology: A Preliminary Study of Jewish Rationalism and Mysticism” “No Good Reason To Be An Atheist” “Romancing the Dark: Examining Goth Culture” “Not InDavincible: Dan Brown’s Broken Code Book” “Sharing Your Faith With