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When you take advice from a new age fashion guru what do you expect?

Former boyfriend’s claims ahead of his book cause headache for Number 10 The abuse which today will begin raining down on the head of Peter Foster should come as no surprise to a convicted conman. In fact, Foster, now living in Australia, will be delighted at the effects his allegations are having at the other end of the world. After all, advice on how to publicise a new book is much the same today as when Samuel Johnson said: “It’s better a man should be abused than be forgotten.” Foster told an Australian newspaper: “The heart of my book is

‘Cheriegate’ conman brings new embarrassment to Blairs

Fraudster returns to haunt PM The Australian conman involved in the “Cheriegate affair” has surfaced again with a string of new and extraordinary claims about life inside Downing Street as he tries to promote a book covering his relations with the Blairs. Downing Street yesterday dismissed his allegations published in Australia that the Prime Minister had an unusually close relationship with Carole Caplin, his wife Cherie’s personal adviser for almost a decade. Peter Foster, a jailed conman, was at the centre of the financial scandal that broke around Cherie Blair in late 2002 when he helped her buy two flats in Bristol, the university city of her son Euan. In a series of unsubstantiated claims, Foster –

How did she seduce the Blairs?

According to insiders it was an “epic showdown” between a husband and wife who rarely quarrelled, let alone staged raging rows. The normally happy couple were Tony and Cherie Blair and the subject of the disagreement – Carole Caplin. But this argument did not take place last week when news emerged that Ms Caplin’s Downing Street pass was withdrawn, nor last year when the lifestyle guru brought upon the Blair household their worst publicity since coming to power, but in 1994 at the Labour Party conference in Blackpool. In an eerie warning of the trouble Ms Caplin would later cause

Carole Caplin loses No10 pass

Cherie Blair’s “lifestyle guru” Carole Caplin has suffered a blow with the withdrawal of a security pass giving her the freedom of 10 Downing Street. Ms Caplin’s reverse came at the hands of Whitehall officials who conducted a high-level security review. They were reportedly “horrified” that fitness instructor Ms Caplin was among a group of trusted aides and civil servants who were given the passes. The swipecard allowed Ms Caplin to avoid police checks and searches at the Downing Street gates. She was allowed free movement around No10 at Mrs Blair’s personal request, it is claimed today. Now she must

New age ties of the ex-topless model and the PM’s wife

Cults and cures litter career of Cherie’s friend The Guardian (England), Dec. 6, 2002 Jeevan Vasagar Carole Caplin’s CV could not be more different to that of Cherie Blair’s, yet the leading lawyer and the topless model turned personal trainer have formed a strong bond. Despite her conventional professional success, the prime minister’s wife has a fascination for new age therapies, and this forms a central theme of the relationship. Ms Caplin, 40, is Mrs Blair’s personal fitness trainer and a friend. But reportedly she also recommended the prime minister’s wife to try a succession of alternative therapists, including

Spiritual adviser with a belief in new age therapies

Independent (England), Dec. 6, 2002 By Nigel Morris, Political Correspondent Carole Caplin has driven Tony Blair’s closest advisers to distraction in the 10 years she has been nutritional, fashion and spiritual adviser to the Prime Minister’s wife. Even Alastair Campbell and his partner Fiona Millar, who acts as Cherie Blair’s press minder, have long given up hope of breaking the link between the two women. Ms Millar has told friends who have dared broach the subject of Mrs Caplin’s influence in No 10: “We don’t go there.” For years, Downing Street aides have been acutely aware of the public