Religious sect takes over school

Under Brethren rules, members are not allowed to watch TV, read newspapers or take out life insurance, and until recently the internet was also banned. In one of their most controversial doctrines, members who leave are split from their families forever – and parents shun their own children.

Claim: Exclusive Brethren members free to vote in election

A cult of Christianity with a history of abusive rules and hypocrisy flip-flops on some of its rules.

Australia: Exclusive Brethren schools to get $10m subsidy

The secretive Exclusive Brethren religious sect is to receive more than $10 million from the Federal Government this year, despite Prime Minister Kevin Rudd having described it as an extremist cult that breaks up families. [video]

Exclusive Brethren sent warm letters to Howard

Correspondence between the Exclusive Brethren and John Howard reveals the religious sect had a warm relationship with the former prime minister, offering regular political advice.

Australian government continues to fund schools run by extremist cult

Australia: The shadowy Exclusive Brethren [video] religious sect has been guaranteed another $10 million in taxpayer funding for its school campuses, despite being branded an “extremist cult” which “breaks up families” by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd before the election.

Adult shops fight Exclusive Brethren sect

The adult-entertainment industry has declared war on the fundamentalist Exclusive Brethren sect for allegedly infiltrating local councils. The Canberra-based Eros Association says the conservative Christian group is bankrolling legal challenges to halt the spread of adult stores.

New Zealand seeks to limit Brethren influence

New Zealand’s parliament is debating a Bill to stop groups like the Exclusive Brethren sect from unduly influencing elections.

Exclusive Brethren sect joins Tasmania campaign

The hypocritial leaders of the Exclusive Brethren forbid their followers to vote, but themselves constantly intervene with election campaigns.

Exclusive Brethren sect member charged with child sex offences

It is the third case of alleged sexual abuse of children to emerge from the secretive sect in the past 12 months, but church elders deny any pattern of behaviour.

Australia: Environment Minister denies Exclusive Brethren link

A News Ltd newspaper on Tuesday reported the federal police is investigating claims by the sect that an unsigned flyer is being distributed in its name in Mr Turnbull’s Wentworth electorate.

Brethren children ‘abused’

Former Family Court chief justice Alastair Nicholson has accused the Exclusive Brethren church of brainwashing and abusing children by denying them access to their non-Brethren parents.

Former member reveals ‘Brethren Express’ money trail

A former member of the Exclusive Brethren has revealed the secretive religious sect has been transferring large sums of money across the world, possibly to fund political campaigns in Australia and the US.

God supposedly tells Australian Christian leader who is going to be next prime minister

The leader of a Christian group that advocates the destruction of mosques, casinos and bottle shops has met Peter Costello to “prophetically prepare” the Australian Treasurer for the prime ministership.

Exclusive Brethren attacks Australian opposition leader Kevin Rudd

In Australia, the so-called Exclusive Brethren — a cult of Christianity — attacks one of its critics.

Australian labor leader: Exclusive Brethren extremist cult

Federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd has labelled the Exclusive Brethren an extremist cult and called on Prime Minister John Howard to reveal what was discussed when he met its senior members recently.

Australia Treasurer downplays meeting with Exclusive Brethren

Australia’s Treasurer Peter Costello today admitted meeting the Exclusive Brethren many times but said it was “no crime”.

Australia Prime Minister astonished over sect furore

Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard said today he was astonished that people thought it odd for him to meet members of the Exclusive Brethren religious sect.

We’re praying for you, Brethren told Australian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Australia has met in private the most senior leaders of the Exclusive Brethren, including a man who is being investigated by police over his huge spending on Mr Howard’s election campaign in 2004.

Former Exclusive Brethren man in court on sex charges

The seven representative charges relate to four women, all former Exclusive Brethren members, and date from between 1951 and 1985.
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