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 Exclusive Brethren

Monday April 28, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
In his bio, 32-year-old firefighter, David, claims the Exclusive Brethren “denied him the real world” until he fled the sect at the age of 19.

Monday March 31, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
“There are quite a lot of ex-Brethren, casualties I suppose, families that have been pulled apart. Once you’ve left that’s it: if your family are still in the Brethren you’re not allowed contact with them.” [video: trailer, Son of Rambow]

Tuesday February 19, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
But Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty said investigations into the Exclusive Brethren were yet to be finalised.

Wednesday February 13, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
An abusive sect of Christianity is said to misuse Australia’s Federal Government funding system.

Thursday January 31, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
Under Brethren rules, members are not allowed to watch TV, read newspapers or take out life insurance, and until recently the internet was also banned. In one of their most controversial doctrines, members who leave are split from their families forever – and parents shun their own children.

Friday January 25, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
A cult of Christianity with a history of abusive rules and hypocrisy flip-flops on some of its rules.

Monday January 21, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
The secretive Exclusive Brethren religious sect is to receive more than $10 million from the Federal Government this year, despite Prime Minister Kevin Rudd having described it as an extremist cult that breaks up families. [video]

Thursday January 17, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
Correspondence between the Exclusive Brethren and John Howard reveals the religious sect had a warm relationship with the former prime minister, offering regular political advice.

Monday January 14, 2008
Exclusive Brethren:
Australia: The shadowy Exclusive Brethren [video] religious sect has been guaranteed another $10 million in taxpayer funding for its school campuses, despite being branded an “extremist cult” which “breaks up families” by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd before the election.

Sunday December 16, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
The adult-entertainment industry has declared war on the fundamentalist Exclusive Brethren sect for allegedly infiltrating local councils. The Canberra-based Eros Association says the conservative Christian group is bankrolling legal challenges to halt the spread of adult stores.

Wednesday December 5, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
New Zealand’s parliament is debating a Bill to stop groups like the Exclusive Brethren sect from unduly influencing elections.

Tuesday November 20, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
The hypocritial leaders of the Exclusive Brethren forbid their followers to vote, but themselves constantly intervene with election campaigns.

Monday November 12, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
It is the third case of alleged sexual abuse of children to emerge from the secretive sect in the past 12 months, but church elders deny any pattern of behaviour.

Tuesday October 23, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
A News Ltd newspaper on Tuesday reported the federal police is investigating claims by the sect that an unsigned flyer is being distributed in its name in Mr Turnbull’s Wentworth electorate.

Tuesday October 16, 2007
Exclusive Brethren:
Former Family Court chief justice Alastair Nicholson has accused the Exclusive Brethren church of brainwashing and abusing children by denying them access to their non-Brethren parents.

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