Australian Prime Ministers allows talks with group he called ‘extremist cult’

Exclusive Brethren cult leader Bruce Hale Kevin Rudd appears to have made peace with the Exclusive Brethren, whom he publicly derided as an “extremist cult” in his run to The Lodge, by allowing for secret talks between church and government representatives.

Many of the Exclusive Brethren movement’s teachings and practices are abusive to such an extent that this movement can rightly be labeled as an abusive church, and possibly even as a cult of Christianity. [Read more...]

Cleric says religious hatred law abused

David Millikan Cult expert the Rev David Millikan said the original intention of the law was being undermined.

“If the purpose of the law is to protect religion from excessive and pernicious comments, then fair enough,” he told the Herald Sun.

“But if it means that journalists and experts have got to be careful when they’re doing nothing more than reporting matters of fact, then the law is allowed to become an ass.” [Read more...]

Religious cult ties family care to gag order

Exclusive Brethren cult leader Bruce Hale The Exclusive Brethren sect has attempted to prevent a sick 85-year-old former member from revealing her terrible life story by saying that if she remained silent she could be reunited before she dies with the children she was separated from 28 years ago.

Alison Alderton’s family was torn apart at the order of the sect’s world leader in 1980, and she has barely had contact with her children, who are “in fellowship”, since. [Read more...]

Sisters allege sect involved in immigration fraud in NZ – report

Exclusive Brethren Three sisters from India who live in New Zealand are reportedly seeking a judicial order in Australia’s High Court to address the alleged involvement of the Exclusive Brethren in a variety of crimes, including immigration fraud in New Zealand.

But the religious group today said there was no basis to the allegations, which have not yet been detailed publicly. [Read more...]