Sect Members: Brainwashed or Believers? Experts Question Whether Polygamist Sect Members are Victims of Brainwashing.

Between hysterical sobs, the women of the Yearning for Zion Ranch in rural Texas tearily pleaded Monday for the return of their children from state custody, but at the mere turn of a phrase, those tears mysteriously, uniformly stopped. So, are these women just fanatically, independently religious, or are they victims of something more sinister, like mind control? Mental health professionals told that it may all depend on how you define brainwashing. [Read more...]

Ottawa target in brainwashing case

Patients were put in isolation, tied down or drugged, and subjected to hours and hours of taped recordings meant to brainwash them. They were subjected to massive electroshocks, experimental drugs and LSD, all at the behest of the CIA, a federal court was told on Wednesday. Now it’s time for the federal government to compensate the hundreds of victims whose lives were damaged, argued lawyer Alan Stein. [Read more...]