Suspect makes court appearance in Bethany Deaton case

Micah Moore Micah Moore, the man who confessed to the murder of his religious sect leader’s wife appeared in court today.

After the hearing he was freed on a $250,000 cash bond.

He is due back in court in February. [Read more...]

Bethany Deaton cult murder confession false, lawyer claims

Micah Moore A man who confessed to the murder of a woman whose death had initially been considered a suicide made up the story, his defense attorney claimed in court on Wednesday.

Earlier this month Micah Moore told police he had killed Bethany Deaton at the instruction of her husband, his spiritual leader, to stop her from revealing she was being sexually assaulted by fellow members of her husband’s spiritual community. [Read more...]

Bethany Deaton cult murder parallels crime novel

Bethany Deaton Bethany Deaton’s murder bears an eerie similarity to the murder of a woman in the fictional book, House of Lies.

The author says she has now come under attack by some people within the International House of Prayer. [Read more...]

Church tries to distance itself from murder victim’s husband

Tyler Deaton The International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, has tried to distance itself further from Tyler Deaton, the leader of a controversial religious group whose wife was murdered — allegedly at his command.

Meanwhile, the media reports that people have long expressed concern at Deaton’s manipulative behavior [Read more...]

Abuse in ‘religious sexual community’ leads to woman’s murder

Bethany Deaton Micah Moore, a student at the International House of Prayer University — also a member of a ‘religious sexual community’ — confesses to murdering a female housemate to cover up sexual abuse.

The woman’s husband, Tyler Deaton, is said to be the cult’s spiritual leader. Authorities say he is also under investigation. [Read more...]