Faith healer convicted in girl’s faith healing death was a hypocrite

Ariel Ben Sherman
The late Ariel Ben Sherman was charged in a teen girl’s faith healing death, but he sought medical treatment for his own conditions.

Even after his death legal arguments in the case continue: still up before the appellate court to decide is whether the state’s spiritual exemption law that allows parents to forego medical treatment in favor of faith healing is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and its equal protection guarantees.

Mother, spiritual leader convicted of neglect in teen’s death

Jacqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman A decade-long court dispute over a child neglect case that spawned a legal battle over faith healing, ended Tuesday with two guilty convictions for the girls’ mother and friend.

Sherman and Crank say they will appeal the conviction, and the case is expected to test Tennessee state laws that allow parents to make medical decisions based on their faith.

Trial date set for mother and ‘spiritual father’ in faith healing case

Jaqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman Nearly ten years ago the mother and ‘spiritual father’ of a 15-year-old girl who died of bone cancer were charged for failing to heed advice from medical professionals and instead relying solely on faith healing.

The trial of Jacqueline Pearl Crank and her minister, Ariel Ben Sherman, has been now been set for May 8 in Loudon County Circuit Court.

Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals to hear faith healing case

Virgin Mary More than six years after 15-year-old Jessica Crank died from cancer after failed attempts at faith healing, her mother Jacqueline is testifying about making that choice as a matter of religious conviction.

Crank now faces a misdemeanor neglect charge in the death of her daughter, after years of legal wrangling that has seen the charges move up and down the appeals process but never to trial. [video]

Tennessee Supreme Court to hear appeal from alleged cult leader

The state Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of an alleged cult leader whose teenage follower died from cancer after her mother heeded his advice to rely on prayer rather than medicine.

Woman wants to use Bible in trial

Mother accused of child abuse for using prayer instead of medicine to heal dying daughter A woman accused of child abuse for turning to prayer instead of medicine to try to save her dying daughter wants to use the Bible as part of her defense. In a controversial motion filed by defense attorney Gregory P. […]

Couple plead innocent in child abuse death case, Apr. 22, 2003 LOUDON – A couple pleaded innocent Monday to misdemeanor child abuse charges in the death of a 15-year-old Loudon County girl who died of cancer last year. Trial for Jacqueline P. Crank, 42, and Ariel Ben Sherman, 74, was set for Jan. 27 in Loudon County Criminal Court. They are […]

Couple face more charges in girl’s death, Apr. 17, 2003 By JAMIE SATTERFIELD AND RANDY KENNER A couple who faced felony child abuse charges last year in connection with the death of a 15-year-old Loudon County girl now have been indicted on misdemeanor charges in the case. A Loudon County grand jury indicted Jacqueline P. Crank, 42, and Ariel Ben […]

Jacqueline Crank Indicted on Child Abuse Charges

WATE, Apr. 16, 2003 LOUDON COUNTY (WATE) — A woman accused of not seeking medical help for her dying daughter is again facing charges. A Loudon County grand jury Wednesday indicted Jaqueline Crank on misdemeanor child abuse and misdemeanor child neglect. Crank’s daughter, Jessica, died of cancer in September 2002. The grand jury also […]

Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Choosing Prayer Over Medical Care

WKRN, Sep. 18, 2002 An East Tennessee woman is charged with child abuse for allegedly choosing prayer over medical care to treat her daughter’s cancer. The mother could soon be facing a homicide charge as well. 15-year-old Jessica Crank died of cancer last Sunday. Her mother now faces the possibility of years in prison […]

Faith healers call on God to revive dead teen at her funeral

Knoxville News-Sentinel, Sep. 19, 2002 By Jamie Satterfield, News-Sentinel staff writer LOUDON – Members of a religious group who believed prayer would heal a terminally ill teenager called on God to raise the girl from the dead Wednesday. That didn’t happen, and Jessica Lynn Crank, 15, was laid to rest in a Loudon County […]

Ill teen at center of legal dispute buried in Loudon

Knoxville News-Sentinel, Sep. 18, 2002 By Jamie Satterfield, News-Sentinel staff writer LOUDON — A Loudon County teenager whose mother is accused of failing to get the girl medical treatment and instead relying on prayer to heal her was buried today after a brief funeral service. Jessica Lynn Crank, 15, died early Sunday morning from […]

No deposition for dying girl

Loudon County News-Herald, Sep. 2, 2002 By: Jeff Farrell A Loudon County judge on Wednesday rejected defense attorneys’ plea to preserve the words of a dying girl whose mother and minister are accused of failing to provide medical care for her illness. Defense attorneys representing Jacqueline Crank and Ariel Ben Sherman said the girl’s […]

Lawyers appeal deposition ban

Testimony of ill girl called vital The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Aug. 31, 2002 By Randy Kenner, News-Sentinel staff writer Defense lawyers in a Loudon County case involving a dying girl, her mother and the leader of the religious group they belong to have appealed a judge’s order prohibiting them from taking the child’s deposition. Donald […]

Religious leader facing charges

WBIR News, Aug. 6, 2002 Authorities have arrested Ariel Ben Sherman of the New Life Tabernacle and he now faces charges of endangering the life of a 15-year-old girl. Back in June the 15-year-old girl’s mother, Jacqueline Crank, was charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect for not seeking medical attention for her daughter, […]

Request denied for ill girl’s deposition

Judge says dying teen not up to it The Knoxville News-Centinel, Aug. 29, 2002 By Randy Kenner, News-Sentinel staff writer LOUDON – A Loudon County judge denied defense lawyers’ requests Wednesday to take a dying girl’s deposition – even though the girl apparently wants to give it to help her mother. “It is the […]

Girl may die before hearing

Testimony sought in mom’s abuse case, Aug. 19, 2002 A 15-year-old girl at the center of a firestorm over faith healing may not live long enough to testify this month at a hearing on charges of child abuse and neglect against her mother. Attorney Gregory P. Isaacs filed a motion in Loudon County […]
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