Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Polygamist Allen Glade Steed

Fifth District Judge G. Rand Beacham issued an order Tuesday denying a motion to dismiss charges of rape against Allen Glade Steed based upon the statute of limitations.

Attorneys for Steed petitioned the court to have the charge of rape dismissed because the state waited too long to file the charge. Steed was charged September 26, 2007 shortly after a St. George jury had found Warren Steed Jeffs guilty of being an accomplice to rape. The decision by Judge Beacham allows the case to go to trial.

It was Steed’s marriage to Elissa Wall at 14-years of age when he was 19-years old that was the premise under which FLDS leader Warren Jeffs was tried and convicted of being an accomplice to rape and found guilty. The case against Steed is for alleged non-consensual intercourse between him and Wall.

Jeffs performed a spiritual marriage between the pair in 2001 and allegedly encouraged the nonconsensual relationship as ordained of God.

Defense in FLDS rape case casts wide net

Allen Glade Steed A 5th District Court judge said Friday he will consider a Fundamentalist LDS Church member’s request to compel the Washington County Attorney’s Office to seek out and provide evidence gathered by various agencies and individuals during the state’s investigation of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

Allen Glade Steed, who appeared in court with his parents and Salt Lake City attorney Jim Bradshaw, was charged in September 2007 with first-degree felony rape a day after testifying on Jeffs’ behalf.

Judge OKs delay of FLDS rape case hearing

A 5th District judge has granted a defense attorney’s request to postpone a hearing in the rape case involving Elissa Wall and Allen G. Steed, but a new date has not yet been set.

Allen Steed can’t get a fair trial, say lawyers

Attorneys for Allen G. Steed say the decision to charge him with rape only after he testified in the highly publicized trial of polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs has “irreparably tainted” his chance at a fair trial in Utah.

November hearing is set for polygamy rape case

A 5th District judge set a November hearing for Allen G. Steed, who faces a rape charge after testifying in the trial of polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs.

Rape suspect protests warrant

Allen Steed, charged with rape after testifying for polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, is asking a 5th District judge to drop his arrest warrant and reduce his bail.

New FLDS rape case reeks of setup

The same prosecutors so eager to put Steed in jail now declined to charge him before he testified in Jeffs’ trial. Instead, they waited to see what he would say on the stand.

Accomplice Jeffs convicted, now prosecutors target alleged rapist of teen bride

Washington County prosecutors charged Allen G. Steed with one count of rape Wednesday – a day after his former wife’s testimony helped convict polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs for the same crime.

Ex-Husband Charged With Rape After Guilty Verdict In Polygamist Leader’s Trial

The rape charge was based on a complaint filed by a sheriff’s investigator, who said the trial established that the pair had sex and that the woman, now 21, convinced jurors it was without her consent.

Ex-husband charged with rape in Warren Jeffs polygamy case

Prosecutors filed a rape charge today against the former husband who was at the center of the trial of a polygamous-sect leader convicted of being an accomplice to the rape.
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