Cult leader Albert Tony Walker wants to withdraw guilty plea

Albert Tony Walker A cult leader convicted in February of raping a teenage girl while he was a North Georgia cult leader is attempting to withdraw his guilty plea.

Albert Tony Walker, 63, was sentenced Feb. 23 to 10 years in prison followed by 10 years of probation. He was accused of raping a young member of the cult 16 times between 1991 and 1996.

Cult leader Albert Tony Walker pleads guilty

When Albert Tony Walker was asked Feb. 23 if he was ready to enter a plea on 16 counts of rape, he stood silent for about 30 seconds before answering.

“Yes sir, I guess so,” he finally said before entering an Alford plea on all counts, thus closing one of the most bizarre cases in Rabun County history.

Superior Court Judge Linton “Kim” Crawford then sentenced Walker to 10 years of prison followed by 10 years of probation as part of a negotiated plea.

Family members who lost faith find justice

By the time he walked into a Rabun County courtroom Wednesday, Albert Tony Walker was no longer calling himself a prophet who would create the Third Testament of the Bible.

He was just a 63-year-old man in an orange-and-white-striped prison jumpsuit — bespectacled, silver-haired, seemingly harmless.

Investigators say couple tied to religious cult may have sexually assaulted more women

Albert Tony Walker Details of underground bunkers, end-of-world fears and terrified victims emerged today at a bond hearing for a self-proclaimed prophet charged with rape.

The man, Albert Tony Walker, 62, was described as the head of an isolated religious organization called The Church.

“He saw himself as the Third Testament,” said Assistant District Attorney Penny Crowder, of the Mountain Judicial District in Rabun County. “There was God and Jesus, and then there is him.”
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