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Saturday December 10, 2011
Al-QaedaHate GroupsIslamTurkey:
Islam A large-scale Al Qaeda plot to bomb “all the churches in Ankara,” as well as the Turkish Parliament and U.S. Embassy in the Turkish capital, was made public today.

Prepared and filed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Ankara, the 50-page indictment outlined the militants’ revised “jihad” strategy to begin focusing their attacks against Turkey before waging war against the United States and other countries.

Tuesday May 3, 2011
Al-QaedaHate GroupsIslamRNB's Religion News Blog:
Osama Bin Laden Osama bin Laden‘s burial at sea was quickly criticised by Muslim scholars who claimed it had breached sharia law and warned that it may provoke calls for revenge attacks against US targets.

Others used the sea burial question to question whether he was dead at all, with doubts fuelled by the absence of authentic photographs of his corpse.

Tuesday July 6, 2010
Al-QaedaIslamRNB's Religion News Blog:
This sounds just crazy enough to be real: Scans of a new glossy magazine started popping up online this week. Inspire features slick graphics, high-quality production and stories like “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.” The first page also promises an editorial from Osama bin Laden himself, although due to technical issues, only three pages of the magazine are currently available.

Inspire is being published by a Yemen-based branch of al-Qaida, and it’s aimed at radicalizing an English-speaking audience. Al-Qaida has a well-established propaganda arm, but, as analyst Juan Zarate tells NPR host Guy Raz, Inspire marks its first major effort to reach out to English speakers.

Zarate is a former deputy national security adviser in the Bush administration and is currently a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He says that despite concerns about the authenticity of Inspire, he believes it genuinely does come from al-Qaida.

Tuesday July 17, 2007
The terrorist network Al-Qaida will likely leverage its contacts and capabilities in Iraq to mount an attack on U.S. soil, according to a new National Intelligence Estimate on threats to the United States.

Tuesday November 28, 2006
Many college students go through a spiritual crisis but rarely does it turn out as it did for Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a Jew who converted to Islam and went to work in a small town in Oregon for a charity that has since been linked to Al Qaeda.

Saturday September 23, 2006
American and French officials cast serious doubts Saturday on a French newspaper’s report that Usama bin Laden was believed to have died in Pakistan last month.

Sunday September 10, 2006
Shortly after the 11 September 2001 attacks, the US issued a list of al-Qaeda suspects. Some have now been captured or killed, and some new names have been added to those still at large.

Friday July 28, 2006
Al Qaeda No. 2 tells Muslims in Lebanon, 'We will stand with you'

Saturday July 8, 2006
Terrorists work more independently and are harder to catch, security experts say

Tuesday July 4, 2006
Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate the British security service MI5, the BBC has learned.

Monday June 26, 2006
CAIRO, Egypt A video posted on the Internet shows the graphic killings of three Russian diplomats kidnapped in Iraq, and says an Al Qaeda umbrella group has killed all four hostages.

Monday April 24, 2006
Osama Bin Laden accused the West yesterday of waging a war against Islam and justified attacks on western civilians because they had elected governments that are fighting in Muslim countries.

Sunday April 16, 2006
Al-Qaida's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said that the elimination of Israel is the duty of every believer in a video posted yesterday on the Internet.

Thursday January 19, 2006
WASHINGTON A new audiotape believed to be from Osama bin Laden warns that Al Qaeda is preparing terrorist attacks on the United States but says they can be avoided if U.S. officials agree to a truce that would allow Muslims to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

Monday January 16, 2006
Al-Qaeda in Iraq and some other militant groups have set up an umbrella body to coordinate their fight against US-led forces and the Iraqi government, according to a Web statement posted today.

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