Accused Say They Had No Intention To Kill Couple In Exorcism Ritual

Mohd Mydin An Al-Arqam follower who is charged with murdering a Malaysia couple admitted in High Court that he had hit the victims with a piece of wood, crash helmet and mop handle to exorcise them.

“I could see that there were many evil spirits in my house and in the bodies of all my family members which I needed to remove,” the man said. [Read more...]

Couple beaten to death in stop-smoking ‘cleansing ritual’

religious insanity A couple who went to a relative’s house to celebrate the end of Ramadan and agreed to an ‘alternative treatment’ to rid them of their problems, ended up dead after being battered with helmets and broomsticks during the cleansing ritual.

Five others who also participated in the ritual, including the couple’s children and relatives, suffered head injuries and were being treated at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital here. [Read more...]