Winston Blackmore describes living arrangements with his 21 wives

Winston Blackmore Polygamous sect leader Winston Blackmore claims he is minister to approximately 400 followers in Bountiful and that they constitute a congregation, which should provide them an enormous break on taxes.

The Government of Canada is seeking to prove that he repeatedly understated his income on tax returns, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars being owed to the government [Read more...]

Polygamist Winston Blackmore predicts opponents will be ‘damned’

Winston Blackmore Winston Blackmore, Canada’s best known polygamist, foresees a year of doom for those that deliberately break up families or interfere with a person’s freedom.

The cult leader was charged with polygamy earlier this year, but the court quashed the charges on procedural grounds, deciding that the government had unfairly gone “prosecutor shopping” to find someone to prosecute Mr. Blackmore after two independent prosecutors had advised against it. [Read more...]

Polygamist sect leader Winston Blackmore to appear in court

Winston Blackmore The lawyer for a B.C. polygamous sect leader plans to defend his client’s right to marry more than one woman by citing gay marriage and cohabitation arrangements.

Blair Suffredine, who is representing Winston Blackmore in court Wednesday, will challenge the legitimacy of the Criminal Code’s ban on polygamy, arguing it contravenes religious protections under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [Read more...]

Polygamists Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler may get separate trials

Bountiful The bitter rivalry between two religious leaders in B.C. charged last week with polygamy could lead to two separate trials, increasing costs and prolonging a process that is already expected to stretch over a number of years.

Mr. Robertson would prefer to have both men on trial at the same time. But Mr. Blackmore and Mr. Oler have the option to ask for separate trials, Mr. Robertson said in an interview. [Read more...]

Winston Blackmore condemns polygamy charges as religious persecution

Winston Blackmore The leader of a fundamentalist Mormon community in Creston condemned polygamy charges laid against him this week, saying they amount to religious persecution tied to politics.

Blackmore’s statement, made at a news conference where he did not take reporters’ questions, point to the legal arguments expected to unfold in the coming court case — the protection of religious rights under the Charter of Rights versus a section of the Criminal Code prohibiting polygamy. [Read more...]