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Pentecostal Fellowship says Rev. King Is Not A Servant Of God

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), the umbrella body of all Pentecostal churches in the country says Rev. Chukwuemeka Ezeagu King, General Overseer of Christian Praying Assembly, Ajao Estate, Lagos is not its member. The National Secretary of the group, Bishop Joseph Ojo, who disowned King in an interview with EFE EBELO also described King’s church as a demonic enclave. He said no member of PFN would indulge in the acts that King is being accused of. Is Rev. Emeka King of Christian Praying Assembly a member of PFN? We do not know him as our member. It is not

Moved by the Spirit: Fast-growing Pentecostal church takes root in ‘the last frontier’

Speaking in tongues only one striking aspect of Christian denomination There’s nothing like it. Thinking back to their first time, some become giddy. Others exchange glances and grins, breathe a sigh or become teary-eyed. When the Holy Spirit takes hold, each one agrees, there’s no high in the world to match it. “It’s just like joy, unspeakable joy,” one believer says. “You can’t describe in words how great it feels.” “Like a well of living water springing up,” the pastor adds. “It’s a phenomenal experience . . . that’s undeniable when it happens.” Modern Pentecostalism, now accepted as one of

A century of faith: the Pentecostals

Religious movement spread from Los Angeles worldwide Blacks and whites, men and women spilled into the streets outside a small home near downtown Los Angeles, danc ing, shouting and praising God by speaking in tongues. On those wondrous nights in April 1906, modern Pentecostalism was born. A century later, the religious movement born in the Azusa Street Revival is reshaping Christianity worldwide, reaching up to a half-billion people with a Pentecostal-charismatic experience that has crossed over to mainline Protestant and Catholic churches. In this country, from the success of evangelical megastars such as Bishop T.D. Jakes and the Rev. Joel

UK: Pentecostals spearhead big rise in new churches

More than 1,000 new Christian churches have been created over the last seven years, double the number of Starbucks coffee shops, new research has found. All the major denominations opened new churches but the biggest growth was among the black Pentecostal churches. About half of the new congregations were created by the Pentecostal churches, with help from other ethnic minorities such as the Chinese and the Croatians. New initiatives such as “Fresh Expressions“, alternative worship services aimed at young people, accounted for a fifth of new congregations. The remaining new churches were scattered among the mainstream denominations. About 450 branches

Modern Pentecostal movement marks centennial

(AP) – The birth of Christianity as a world religion can be dated from an event that took place 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection. His apostles, gathered in Jerusalem at a time when the city was filled with foreign visitors, were inspired by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel in languages that could be understood by the visitors. That day is celebrated every year as Pentecost, a name that now identifies those Christians who continue to speak in strange tongues. The modern Pentecostal movement, which began at a revival on Azuza Street in Los Angeles, marks its centennial this

Rev. Nathaniel Urshan, Pentecostal leader, dies

30-year pastor of Calvary Tabernacle here headed United Pentecostal Church International; he was 84. The Rev. Nathaniel A. Urshan, a one-time minor league baseball player who dedicated his life to Christ after a near-deadly bout with tuberculosis, will be remembered for his leadership of the United Pentecostal Church International. Urshan was pastor of Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis for 30 years and went on to lead the denomination, which has about 4 million members worldwide. He died Friday at 84. Services are scheduled for Thursday night at the Near-Southside Indianapolis church. Urshan was elected the denomination’s general superintendent in 1978 and

Pentecostals lead modest growth in U.S. church membership

NEW YORK (ABP) — The number of Protestants — particularly Pentecostals — continues to increase in the United States, with a fourth Pentecostal denomination joining the list of 25 largest U.S. religious bodies. The new numbers come from the 2004 “Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches,” published recently by the National Council of Churches. See Also “Denomination – A religious body originating as a Christian movement or sect and generally classified as a Christian body regardless of its doctrinal orthodoxy.”– Robert Bowman, quoted in Christian Denominations Why are there so many denominations? Research resources on Christian Denominations The Pentecostal bodies

Fiery Pentecostal spirit spreads into mainstream Christianity

Buoyed by its commitment to worship, Pentecostalism is the world’s fastest-growing Christian movement. LOS ANGELES – “Did they say we can’t shout in here?” the visiting preacher teases. Why, back home in Nigeria, he tells them, the saints aren’t shy. They’re bold when they worship. They’re not quiet and pious like the people tonight. The shy “saints” he exhorts are 150 Pentecostals in Los Angeles. They are black, white, Asian and American Indian, all of them joined in a spiritual experience very different from mainstream Protestant services. The preacher is not talking mere preaching and praying. In a church near