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Poll: Creationism Trumps Evolution

Nov. 22, 2004 • Tuesday November 23, 2004

Support for evolution is more heavily concentrated among those with more education and among those who attend religious services rarely or not at all.

(CBS) Americans do not believe that humans evolved, and the vast majority says that even if they evolved, God guided the process. Just 13 percent say that God was not involved. But most would not substitute the teaching of creationism for the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Support for evolution is more heavily concentrated among those with more education and among those who attend religious services rarely or not at all.

There are also differences between voters who supported Kerry and those who supported Bush: 47 percent of John Kerrys voters think God created humans as they are now, compared with 67 percent of Bush voters.


God created humans in present form
All Americans: 55%
Kerry voters: 47%
Bush voters: 67%

Humans evolved, God guided the process
All Americans: 27%
Kerry voters: 28%
Bush voters: 22%

Humans evolved, God did not guide process
All Americans: 13%
Kerry voters: 21%
Bush voters: 6%

Overall, about two-thirds of Americans want creationism taught along with evolution. Only 37 percent want evolutionism replaced outright.

More than half of Kerry voters want creationism taught alongside evolution. Bush voters are much more willing to want creationism to replace evolution altogether in a curriculum (just under half favor that), and 71 percent want it at least included.


Creationism and evolution
All Americans: 65%
Kerry voters: 56%
Bush voters: 71%

Creationism instead of evolution
All Americans: 37%
Kerry voters: 24%
Bush voters: 45%

60 percent of Americans who call themselves Evangelical Christians, however, favor replacing evolution with creationism in schools altogether, as do 50 percent of those who attend religious services every week.

This poll was conducted among a nationwide random sample of 885 adults interviewed by telephone November 18-21, 2004. There were 795 registered voters. The error due to sampling could be plus or minus three percentage points for results based on all adults and all registered voters.

For detailed information on how CBS News conducts public opinion surveys, click here.

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