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A reporter took courses in Scientology to profile Tom Cruise.

Before interviewing Cruise for the December issue of GQ, writer Lucy Kaylin attended long Scientology tutorials on three different occasions with Cruiseís sister/publicist, Lee Anne Devette, who like Cruise is a devotee of the controversial religion.

A spokeswoman for the mag tells The Scoop the tutorials were part of Kaylinís research ó not something requested by the actor.

In the article, Cruise praises Scientology, claiming it helped cure his dyslexia ó and spouts some Scientology beliefs, such as bashing psychiatry and psychiatric drugs, which he says have created ďa catastrophe of epic proportions.Ē

Cruise is self-effacing, however, about his fame. When asked what he thinks of his stardom, he replies, ďAre you kidding me? We laugh hysterically. My mom, my sisters ó we piss ourselves with laughter. You know, even now, sometimes we go from country to country, and Iíll be there with Lee Anne, and Iím getting on my airplane. And itís just that look of ĎCan you [bleeping] believe this?Ē

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Nov. 15, 2004

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