Book of Mormon to Come Out in Comic Book Form

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We’re not kidding here, but the Book of Mormon will soon be out in comic book form. It’ll be a 12- volume set that will be released over the next several years. Volume One is due out next week. One comic book shop we spoke with already has a waiting list to buy the first issue.

Doug Dial’s comic book store in Pleasant Grove carries the typical comic books– Superman, Spiderman, the X-Men, etc. But on the back wall is something a bit unusual– the title: “The Golden Plates.”

Book of Mormon

Mormons claim that the Book of Mormon is “Another testament of Jesus Christ,” and try to pass it off as a companion to the Bible. Over and over again, those claims have been disproven.

Is the Book of Mormon “the most correct of any book on earth” as Joseph Smith claimed it to be? Watch the online video, DNA vs. The Book of Mormon

Theologically, the Mormon Church is a cult of Christianity

Douglas Dial, Owner, Fantasy Rules Comic & Games: Thats the name of the series and it comes out every other month.

“The Golden Plates” is the Book of Mormon depicted in a comic book; Volume One is First Nephi, Chapters 1 through 14.

Douglas Dial, Owner, Fantasy Rules Comics & Games: Thats only 30 pages out of the book of Mormon. And he uses 64 pages and almost 300 illustrations to tell the exact same thing.

The illustrator is Mike Allred, a well-known comic book author and illustrator. He’s worked for 15-years with the major comic companies like DC and Marvel. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Allred says he’s been thinking about this project for quite some time.

Douglas Dial: And if theres any question as to whether Mike Allred is following the scriptures, we checked and he does.

Word of the new magazine has spread on the internet and comic book afficionados are both panning the effort and praising it.

Doulgas Dial: His fans who are non-members say, Hey, its Mike Allred. You know its gotta be good. And then there are others who say, I cant believe Mike Allred would do a religious book. I wanna see the superhero stuff.

Allred sent Dial an advance copy of the first volume on a CD, and he printed it out to give customers a look.

Nearly 100 of Doug’s customers have put their names on a waiting list to buy this first issue, which goes on sale next week. As far as comic books go, this one is unique in that it will not have a surprise ending.

Douglas Dial: Well, for LDS members, thats true. But for non-members, Im hoping that this will be a delightful surprise.

The author plans to release additional volumes every other month, until the entire Book of Mormon is covered.

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Oct. 21, 2004
Keith McCord (Reporter)

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