Father faces off against Jehovah’s Witnesses

The father of a teen who died after refusing a blood transfusion was back in a Calgary court Tuesday.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Theologically, Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult of Christianity. The oppressive organization does not represent historical, Biblical Christianity in any way. Sociologically, it is a destructive cult whose false teachings frequently result in spiritual and psychological abuse, as well as needless deaths.

Lawrence Hughes has filed a lawsuit claiming that Jehovah Witnesses members influenced his daughter to turn down potentially life-saving blood transfusions.

Hughes’ ex-wife is a member of the religion.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses want the judge to dismiss the suit.

Lawyers for the group also want to have Hughes removed as administrator of his daughter’s estate.

Tuesday, a judge ruled the two cases should be heard at once.

Hughes has faced twenty-six court actions with the Jehovah’s Witnesses since his daughter died in 2002.

He says that despite being overwhelmed by court costs, he will continue to fight.

“I have two daughters that I don’t want to die because of this religion,” said Hughes.

Both sides will be back in court later this week to set a date for further hearings.

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