Concern over Kenyan miracles

The general director of the Evangelical Alliance, Rev Joel Edwards, has published a statement commenting on an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Face the Facts programme, broadcast on 13 August, which focused on an ‘evangelical church’ which is claiming infertile women are having ‘miracle babies‘ in the slums of Kenya.

Concerned that Christians may give money to a cause they know very little about, Rev Edwards writes: “I would like to point out that Gilbert Deya Ministries is not a member of the Alliance.

“I worry about the damage Gilbert Deya is doing to vulnerable members of his congregation, to the welfare of the babies and their mothers in Kenya and to the reputation of Christians who identify themselves as evangelical.

“I do believe that miracles happen but in the examples cited by the radio programme I would ask people to exercise their God-given gift of common sense.

“I am also uneasy about any link made between the giving of money and the hope of a miracle. As an evangelical leader I do not believe this can be supported biblically.”

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