Fanatics vow to lay siege to Ahmadiyya base

Religious fanatics yesterday vowed to go ahead with their planned siege to Ahmadiyya Complex at Bakshibazar on August 27 unless the government declares the sect non-Muslims before the deadline.

“If the government declares them non-Muslim today, we will stop our movement tomorrow,” said Jamal Naser Chowdhury, general secretary of Amra Dhakabasi, at a press conference in the city.

Shamsul Haq, president of the organisation, placed several demands including installation of a new signboard at the Ahmadiyya complex gate declaring it a place for worship instead of mosque and arrest of those who were taking stand in favour of Ahmadiyyas.

Representatives of Khatme Nabuwat Andolon Parishad, Islami Shashontantra Andalon, Bishwa Muslim Bhatri Parishad, Islami Parishad, Bangladesh and the Pir of Jainpur attended the conference.

On Friday, the religious fanatics also clashed with police and attacked the Ahmadiyya Complex in the run-up to their planned siege to the complex.

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