Paul Meintjies’ body to be cremated

The saga of the resurrection of Paul Meintjies of Hertzogville in the Free State is expected to come to an end tomorrow. His body is expected to be cremated in Bloemfontein.

Meintjies has been dead for more than 50 days and his body kept in a Hertzogville mortuary after David Frances, a self-proclaimed prophet, predicted that Meintjies would rise from the dead. The mortuary refused to keep the body longer and delivered it to the widow’s house on Wednesday.

The Free State health department and police intervened and took the body to the state mortuary in Bloemfontein.

Two separate memorial services, one in Bloemfontein, and one in Kimberley will be held for Meintjies. His widow, son and the so-called prophet will attend the Bloemfontein service. They still firmly believe that Meintjies will rise from the dead.

Meintjies’ sister and his other daughter, who strongly condemned the prophet’s actions, will attend the Kimberley service.

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