Gentle Wind co-director replies

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor posted by Judy Garvey and James Bergin in the July 24 issue.

Judy Garvey and James Bergin state: “In our personal stories on we did not allege child neglect, extortion or misappropriation of funds by Gentle Wind.” Readers may not know that some material has been removed and/or rewritten from However, material supporting the accusations defined in The Gentle Wind Project lawsuit have appeared on and continue to appear on other Web sites (defined in the legal complaint) listing Bergin and Garvey as authors.

As one example out of many, Garvey had stated in her original published report on her Web site that “Some children raised by parents in the group have reportedly suffered greatly in their development, after enduring a form of neglect while their parents were involved in the group’s work.” (Please note that this is not saying that GWP abused children, but rather, that involvement in the GWP group caused a form of parental neglect of children to take place.) The section in parentheses was added after the publication had been out on the Internet for some time.

The accusations can be viewed in full in the legal complaint filed by The Gentle Wind Project in the Maine District Court. This document can be accessed at

To set the record straight: The Gentle Wind Project is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Maine in 1983 and established for the specific purpose of researching and developing alternative healing technologies that address some of the common mental and emotional distresses found in most people. For years we have studied the human consciousness and looked at human beings from a structural, energetic view rather than just looking from a functional view, limited to the observation of human behavior.

The Project has developed a new pathway to solving some mental-health problems that involves the use of noninvasive, nontoxic hand-held healing instruments. We do not claim to have a perfect healing technology. But we do have a substantial body of documented evidence that suggests that many people have found relief from certain forms of mental and emotional suffering through the use of The Gentle Wind Project healing instruments.

For nearly 21 years the Project has made the use of this technology available free of charge. This means that anyone can come to us for help and he/she will never have to pay anything, join anything or give up anything. While we do not claim that every person will be helped in the way he/she might hope for, we can promise that some people will be helped, and that each person will be given our very best effort.

The Gentle Wind Project is funded solely by donations from people who feel that the technology is effective for them. Currently there are over 6,000 volunteers in 46 states and 59 countries who share their healing instruments with everyone interested – at no charge. With this small army of volunteers, millions of people around the globe have obtained free mental and emotional help. See our Web site for testimonials

In addition, healing instruments are donated on a regular basis to places within the United States and around the world where people are suffering. Since the devastating earthquake in Iran, for example, 150 healing instruments were brought to Iran by volunteers; subsequently at the fervent request of Iranian relief workers, 200 more healing instruments have been donated. We have a special program to provide healing instruments free of charge to combat veterans suffering from the traumas of war.

Health-care professionals have become interested in the Gentle Wind technology for the mental and emotional relief they observe in patients. For example, when a person is told that he has cancer, the news itself has a strong emotional impact. The treatments for this illness are often invasive and the side effects are distressing. The healing instruments are being used as a means of providing emotional relief and support to patients and their families.

For 21 years, we have served the Seacoast community and the world. We cannot imagine a more decent and respectful way to offer services, raise funds and run a nonprofit organization. We plan to continue to do so for as long as we are able. You can find out if this is true for yourself by contacting us in Kittery, Maine at (207)439-7639;, and

Mary Miller MSW
The Gentle Wind Project
Kittery, Maine

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