Free State man will stay in mortuary until resurrection

The family of deceased Paul Meintjes of Hertzogville, in the Free State, whose resurrection was predicted by a “prophet” after his death some five weeks ago, has reached a new agreement with the local mortuary.

Nico Foulds, a mortician, says in terms of the new agreement the body will stay in the mortuary at R1 000 a day. He says the family met with him today and paid the outstanding account of R9 250, which was apparently initially supposed to be paid by the “prophet”.

Meintjes’ body has been kept frozen in the mortuary since July 1 after David Francis predicted that he would rise from the dead. Foulds said he will no longer talk to the media about the Meintjes saga. “I’m tired of this story.

The next time you would hear from me is when Meintjes walk out of here or when the family came to fetch him.”

“I will call you,” said Foulds.

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