Neo-Nazi duo jailed for race hate attacks

Two members of the Australian Nationalist Movement neo-Nazi group were today jailed for their part in a campaign of race hate in Perth.

Daniel Tyrone Klavins, 26, and Frank James Lemin, 20, earlier this week pleaded guilty to wilfully damaging numerous premises throughout the West Australian capital, including a synagogue, police station, Chinese restaurant and kosher food store.

In Perth’s Court of Petty Sessions today, magistrate Peter Malone sentenced Klavins to a total of 10 months behind bars for 18 counts of willful damage arising from a wave of racist and anti-semitic graffiti dating back to January 2003.

Lemin, his co-accused on 11 charges, received a seven-month jail term.

A third man, Benjamin Weerheym, pleaded guilty to nine counts of wilful damage and received a sentence of six months and one day, which was suspended for 12 months.

The court was told Weerheym had acted as driver for both Klavins and Lemin and while his culpability was equal, his level of criminality was lower than that of his associates.

The court was told the attacks – in which posters promoting the ANM were plastered on buildings alongside racist graffiti – were premeditated and carried out in a clandestine way.

The right-wing ANM is headed by Jack van Tongeren, who spent 12 years behind bars for a spate of racially-motivated fire bombings in Perth in the 1980’s.

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