Oom Paul: Family ‘losing it’

Hertzogville – The Durbanite who calls himself a prophet and who “predicted” Oom Paul Meintjies’ resurrection tore the Meintjies family apart, disturbed the peace and brought turmoil to a lot of people’s lives, say the dead man’s best friend and his sister.

Henry Roux and Oom Paul’s sister, Hettie Vorster, are upset with “prophet” David Francis and with Meintjies’s widow, Anna, and her children, Pieter and Petro Joseph, who are waiting in isolation in the Meintjies’ house for Oom Paul to rise from the dead.

Speaking from her house in the Free State town, Vorster says that ever since Francis walked into their lives about two years ago there have been problems.

“It has now become so bad that I cannot go on. They are breaking this old woman (the widow).”

Referring to Francis and her nephew praying next to her brother’s body in the mortuary on Sunday, she said: “I wanted to kill them.

Dominee ‘prevented bloodshed’

“If it wasn’t for the dominee who kept me calm here, I would have had blood on my hands.

“If I had a key to the mortuary, I would have locked them there for the night.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking and how long they still want to wait. They’ve lost their minds. The four of them stand alone.

“Her (Mrs Meintjies) brothers, sisters and oldest daughter, Dalene, also don’t want to have anything to do with them after this. I am helpless and angry. I can do nothing.”

Vorster says her sister-in-law and two children are being ruled by Francis.

“Francis says what they may and may not do. Before they can do anything, they have to listen to his orders. If he says jump, they ask how high.

“The times when I confronted my brother about this, his blue eyes became watery with tears. He was too good and too soft.”

She is also still upset about a letter Francis wrote to her last August – shortly after her husband, Willy, died.

“God sent him a message. I was to go on a bus trip in the winelands and I would meet my next husband. According to the letter, I would also meet God for the first time in my life.”

She was also told she would not go to heaven unless she had herself baptised as an adult.

There were harsh words between her and the Meintjies family even before the resurrection drama, and Francis was the cause, she said.

“I just wish they would bury my brother.”

Roux agrees. All he wants for Oom Paul is a respectable funeral. That’s why he decided to speak to Francis and Oom Paul’s family in no uncertain terms this week.

‘They have a lot to think about’

“Oom Paul was like a second father to me. God is a god of love, but we’re dealing with a Satan here and not with love.”

Roux doesn’t have time for Francis. “He told me last year that if I didn’t sort out my business with the Lord, I had only three weeks left. Here I am, still.

“He claims to have healed Oom Paul’s short leg. But, he still limped.

“Tannie Anna was very sad at one stage when I went over to talk to them. They have a lot to think about.”

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