‘Oom Paul’ given a deadline

Hertzogville – Whether the late Paul Meintjies rises from the dead or not is anyone’s guess, but either way, his days are numbered at the town’s mortuary.

Dead – or alive – he has until Thursday to vacate his fridge.

Mortuary owner Nico Foulds said on Monday that he, along with many other people, was now tired of the saga.

Meintjies died in early July. Soon after his death, a Durban “prophet” David Francis predicted the man would rise from the dead – on or around July 29.

But the day has come and gone and Meintjies is still in the town’s mortuary.

Foulds, meanwhile, visited Meintjies’ widow, Anna, her children, Pieter and Petro Joseph, and Francis on Monday and told them they had until Thursday to sort out something with Meintjies’ body.

“I will not let him stay longer than the fifth day,” he said.

Asked for the account to be paid

The Meintjies’ family and the “prophet” accepted this. By Thursday, he will have risen from the dead, they believe.

Foulds said he also asked for the Meintjies’ account to be settled. The old man’s body has been kept in a refrigerator since July 1, at a cost of R250 a day. The account is already sitting at about R8000.

Meanwhile, another “prophet” arrived in this small Free State town at the weekend.

He told residents Meintjies had manifested himself to him and said he did not want to be bothered. He said Meintjies did not want to rise from the dead – he just wanted to be left in peace.

But Meintjies’s widow, her children, and the “prophet” Francis are not convinced. They believe he will come alive and emerge from the refrigerator in the next few days.

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