All eyes on Oom Paul, mortuary

Hertzogville – All eyes will be on the mortuary here from Thursday after a Durban “prophet” predicted this would be when the late Paul Meintjies would rise from the dead.

The date he originally gave for this “miraculous” event was July 29 – but, he also said Meintjies could arise anytime between Thursday and August 5.

However, July 29 has stuck in people’s minds in this Free State town.

Nico Foulds, owner of the town’s mortuary, said he expected a busy day.

“There is a lot of interest. Many people want to come and look,” he said.

“Prophet” David Francis told the Meintjies’ family “on the orders of God” not to bury their dead relative. Francis is expected to visit the mortuary on Thursday.

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But, he said: “I never said he would rise on July 29 or any specific day, but that I would arrive today (Thursday) for his rising.

Will wait quietly at home

“God will send a message when he rises (from the dead). Only God can do that. He will do it.”

Meintjies’ widow, Anna, agrees that Thursday is not the day. But she does believe her husband will rise from the dead in the next seven days – before next Thursday.

While people are expected “to waste their time here” on Thursday, Anna, son Pieter and daughter Petro Joseph, will quietly wait at home “for God”.

“Prophet” Francis will join them and together they will wait for the great day.

“We are not worried about what is going on outside. We have complete faith.”

Jokes and teasing are wearing her down

But, on the other side of town, Meintjies’ sister, Hettie Vorster, said she is fed up with the whole saga.

The jokes and teasing are wearing her down. Her brother was an honourable man and does not deserve this, she said.

Francis’s initial story was that her brother would rise from the dead on July 29. Now, Francis is backtracking on what he said, claims Vorster.

Meintjies died on July 1. On August 5, his body will still be there – “What then?” she asked.

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July 28, 2004
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