Report: Police Have Solid Evidence In Hacking Case

Evidence Could Solve Case

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Police are being credited with collecting evidence that could solve the disappearance of Lori Hacking — the pregnant Utah woman reported missing by her husband.

The head of Utah’s crime lab says much of the evidence consists of every-day items taken from the couple’s apartment that shows no obvious connection to foul play.

But Major Stuart Smith says that evidence — including scissors, knives, tape and rope — may be needed later to match evidence uncovered from other places.

Police have spent four nights at the municipal landfill using a backhoe to burrow 15 feet deep into a huge mound of garbage and dirt.

They don’t plan to return tonight, however, because the dogs are worn out. Police say dog handlers will decide when the search resumes.

Smith — a former state police investigator who supervises Utah’s main crime lab — gave police high marks for collecting and preserving evidence in the Hacking case.

But Smith indicated he wasn’t ready for testing until police can decide which pieces of evidence are most important or until more evidence found in the field can be matched to stuff in an evidence locker.

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