Pakistan: Child murder linked to witchcraft

Pakistani police have found the body of a child with his throat cut in a town where two men were arrested earlier this year for allegedly murdering four children to use their blood in witchcraft, police said today.

The body of four-and-a-half year old Tajammal Ahmed, son of a factory worker, was dumped near a road in Muridke some 25km from Lahore, the capital of central Punjab province, and discovered on Saturday.

“We are investigating the murder from all angles including a possible link with the serial killings that occurred in the town earlier this year,” local police officer Ali Javed said.

One man has been sentenced to death over the killings that occurred between January and February and the other is on trial, Javed said.

The two men were charged with killing the four children to use their blood for black magic.

“It is quite possible that someone has killed Tajammal out of enmity with his family in a manner that has been used by serial killers previously to put the police on a wrong track,” Javed said.

He said police had rounded up several people in the town for questioning.

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