US outlines Hamza case

Abu Hamza’s extradition hearing has been postponed until October 19.

Hamza is wanted by the US, whose government has accused himof playing a key role in Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda terror network.

James Lewis QC, representing the US government, said the terror suspect was part of a network spanning England, Pakistan, America, Yemen and Afghanistan.

He claimed he was part of an international plan to wreak havoc on the West.

Mr Lewis told Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court: “Abu Hamza is a member of a global conspiracy to wage Jihad against the United States and other countries.

“He has consistently advocated hatred and violence against the United States of America, which he called the United Snakes of America.”

If he is extradited to America he could be jailed for up to 100 years for charges including conspiring to set up terrorist training camps in Oregon and Afghanistan.

The former London-based Finsbury Park Mosque preacher has also been accused of playing a leading role in a hostage-taking incident in Yemen in 1998 in which four hostages – including three Britons – were killed.

Hamza was in the high-security court flanked by four officers. The hearing continues.

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